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13 4x4 inch Calumet Professional Filters - unused
$46.41 CAD
@Ship in 24 Hrs@ Rare! @ 1939 Super Flex Baby II 4x4 Vest Format 127 Film Camera
$530.35 CAD
GRAFLEX SERIES B 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 FILM CAMERA W/KODAK 5.5" F4.5 LENS           #960 <br/> Roberts Camera - Photo Industry Leader since 1957!
Buy: $167.06 CAD
Olympus Stylus 120 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera
$11.92 CAD
Voigtländer Bessa-R2 Olive 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera Body "Excellent++" #2563
$1014.31 CAD
Uncommon J.F. Shew London Eclipse 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Camera C. 1890
Buy: $357.98 CAD
Kodak Recomar 33 3 1/4 x 4 1/4" camera with a 135mm f4.5 lens and case
$145.85 CAD
【NEAR MINT】 Rolleflex 4x4 “Black” Baby Rollei Late Model From Japan #623
$596.64 CAD
ANNY - 120 film camera - plastic fantastic toy Diana clone
Buy: $37.13 CAD
Hasselblad 20 Years in Space 500EL/M Lunar Camera with Zeiss 80mm Planar C Lens
$2651.8 CAD
Graflex RB 3 1/4 Super D Taylor Cooke Aviar 178mm Early Vertical Roll Back Naval
$1717.04 CAD
@Mint@ Rolleiflex 4X4 Grey Baby w/ Xenar 60mm f3.5 CLA'd #015025
$820.73 CAD
Rolleiflex 4x4 Baby Rolleiflex camera SN 2039213
$331.47 CAD
"NEAR MINT in Box" Prinz44 Zunow 6cm 60mm f/2.8 TLR Film Camera from Japan #992
$1402.8 CAD
Hasselblad 500ELM Prism Good 50mmC Distagon F4&A-24 Bargain Priced
$656.0 CAD
Rolleiflex Black Baby Rollei TLR w/ Xenar 60mm 3.5 Lens w/Original Leather Case
$1180.73 CAD
Graflex 3x4 3¼x4¼ Anniversary Speed Graphic Front Standard
$37.13 CAD
Focusing Rail, Guides, Pinion for 3x4 3¼x4¼ Top Handle Speed Graphic 1915 - 1925
$38.45 CAD
$10.54 CAD
Hasselblad 50mmC Distagon F4 Bargain Priced
$348.87 CAD
Graflex Pacemaker Speed & Crown Graphic 3x4 3¼x4¼ Aluminum Focusing Rail
$42.43 CAD
Hasselblad 500ELM RARE all BLACK MOON Body Excell++ PM5 150mmCT*A-24EXTRAS SALE!
$1311.31 CAD
Graflex 3x4 3¼x4¼ Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic Front Standard and Bellows
$99.44 CAD
Hasselblad 500ELM  Excellent Custom Prism 150mmCT* A-24SALE!!
$926.8 CAD
No. 1A Kodak Junior Black Folding Camera Made Rare Made in 1914 Only
$52.97 CAD
Buy: $64.97 CAD
Hasselblad 500ELM  Excellent++ PME metered Prism 150mm CT* A-24EXTRAS
$1112.43 CAD
Yashica 44 LM 4x4 TLR camera w/ Yashinon 60mm F3.5 from Japan m042
$437.41 CAD
Hasselblad leather adjustable neck strap with LOGO SPECIAL Bargain Priced
$23.34 CAD
Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic Rangefinder  Camera 3 1/4 41 /4 Parts Only
$192.26 CAD
Vintage Rollei Rolleiflex Grey Baby 4X4 Package - Not Working -
$503.83 CAD
"Rare TOP MINT"Voigtländer Bessa-R2 Olive 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera Body#2553
$1054.09 CAD
[Mint] Voigtländer Bessa R2 Rangefinder Film Camera Body Only from Japan #10380
$928.0 CAD
Rolleiflex 4x4 Black 1963 Post War Baby Rollei TLR w/ Xenar 60mm 3.5 Lens
$983.83 CAD