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Agilent G1379B 1200 Series HPLC Vacuum Degasser
$461.31 CAD - 2 bids
G2612-60010 ALS interface board for 6890 GC Plus
Buy: $700.0 CAD
Agilent 3000A Portable Micro Gas Chromatograph
$49.16 CAD - 1 bid
HP/Agilent 1049A Programable ElectroChemical Detector
Buy: $289.99 CAD
Agilent G1330A 1100 Series HPLC ALSTherm Autosampler Thermostat
$49.16 CAD - 1 bid
Agilent Ultimate Union Kit, deactivated
Buy: $250.0 CAD
Agilent G1369C LAN Interface Board great condition !!!!!!!!
$408.37 CAD - 2 bids
G4517-60002 ALS Interface board from 6890 GC (G1530A)
Buy: $600.0 CAD
Agilent G1313-60009 Transport Assembly
Buy: $2000.0 CAD
Agilent 6890 Mainboard G1530-60201
Buy: $1400.0 CAD
Agilent G1316A Thermostatted Column Compartment
Buy: $1495.0 CAD
Agilent 1200 MWD G1365B Multiple Wavelength Detector
Buy: $7000.0 CAD
New Agilent HPLC part G1313-87307 Seat Capillary 0.5ml ,0.5mm id
Buy: $89.0 CAD
Agilent/HP 35900E Interface
Buy: $1295.0 CAD
Agilent 7694 Oven/carousel insert for 10 mL vials
Buy: $30.0 CAD
Agilent 35900E INTERFACE
Buy: $1495.0 CAD
Buy: $630.89 CAD
Agilent 35900E Interface
Buy: $1095.0 CAD
Agilent/HP 35900E Interface
Buy: $1295.0 CAD
New Agilent HPLC part G1313-87308 Seat Capillary 1.5ml ,0.9mm id
Buy: $99.0 CAD
New Agilent HPLC part G1312-67301 Capillary  Damper  to purge val. for.Agilent
Buy: $89.0 CAD
Agilent LC 250μl, 22ga, 3/pk (PN: 5182-9654)
Buy: $50.0 CAD
5 Only Agilent 10 Pack 5184-3570 Sil-Tite Metal Ferrule
$125.0 CAD
4 Only Agilent 10 Pack 5182-9769 Ferrule, for GRAPHPACK-2M, 0.32 mm column
$175.0 CAD
Agilent HP 5890  Power Supply 05890-60050
Buy: $135.0 CAD
Agilent Technologies 05890-61310 - Oven fan motor for 5890 GC
Buy: $140.0 CAD
HP Agilent G1316A-Column compartment
$2755.0 CAD
Buy: $180.0 CAD
HP Agilent 1050  1100 1200 1260 Pump Pump Metering Drive Assembly
Buy: $600.0 CAD
HP Agilent 5890 Flow Manifold # 19231-60750  with bonus detector parts
Buy: $300.0 CAD
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Electrometer Detector
Buy: $180.0 CAD
GC Autosampler, Hewlett Packard 7673B..Includes tower, sample tray, controller
$5605.0 CAD
Agilent HP 5890 flapper motor
Buy: $50.0 CAD
HP Agilent G1315 B  PAD detector
$6600.0 CAD
GC Autosampler, Hewlett Packard 7673C Includes tower, sample tray, controller,
$8075.0 CAD
HP Agilent G1312A binary pump
$4275.0 CAD
GC Tower, Hewlett Packard 7673C
$2755.0 CAD
HPLC Detector, HP 1049A Programmable Electrochemical Detector
$3750.0 CAD
GC Tower, Hewlett Packard 7673B..18593B
$2375.0 CAD
GC Tray, Hewlett Packard 7673B..18596B
$1805.0 CAD
GC Controller, Hewlett Packard 7673C..G1512A
$2280.0 CAD
GC Tower, Hewlett Packard 7673A..G1513A
$1615.0 CAD
$18.0 CAD
HPLC, HP1100, Variable wavelength Detector, Model G1314A
$4100.0 CAD
HP Agilent HPLC Vacuum Degasser  with tray, HP 1100, Model G1322A
$2850.0 CAD
Agilent Quartz Cuvette Cell, Open-top UV quartz,10 mm, 3.0 ml vol Part 5061-3387
Buy: $110.99 CAD
Agilent G3430-60018
Buy: $510.0 CAD
Agilent 5975 GCMS Ion Source,
Buy: $1197.38 CAD
Agilent G1946-60341  ,H.T Ion Optics assy
$1200.0 CAD
GC capillary column: Agilent DB-VRX, 30m, 0.32mm, 1.80um Cat#123-1534
Buy: $350.0 CAD
HP/Agilent/Keysight 909F -Fixed Load, Type-N, 50ohm, Female (00909-60010)
$125.98 CAD
HP Agilent Keysight 437B Power Meter 100kHz to 110GHz - Passes Self-Test
$125.98 CAD
(2x) Keysight Agilent HP Hewlett Packard 8447D opt 010
Buy: $680.0 CAD
GC capillary column: Agilent (J&W) DB-1, 30m, 0.32mm, 5um Cat#123-1035
Buy: $325.0 CAD
1 PC New In Box HP Agilent 82357B USB-GPIB Interface High-Speed USB 2.0
$102.09 CAD
Agilent, G1311-67701 MCG Valve Assy, NEW
Buy: $1386.44 CAD
Agilent Stratagene Mx3005P qPCR (Model 401455)
$5230.66 CAD
Agilent, MCG Valve
Buy: $1764.56 CAD
Agilent, PTFE Frits 5PK
Buy: $27.73 CAD
HP Agilent EPC Capillary Manifold Assembly    G1544-60500
Buy: $1386.44 CAD
Agilent 5063-6589 Plunger Seals 2/pk
Buy: $81.93 CAD
Agilent Ferrule, Nebulizer 30GA -- G1969-20014 -- New
Buy: $100.83 CAD
Agilent Replacement Oil Coalescing Filter, PN:G6600-80044
Buy: $99.57 CAD
Agilent G1956 Smart Card
Buy: $2268.72 CAD
Agilent HP G1313-60008 Sampling Unit (#2361)
$1512.48 CAD
HP Agilent 1050 HPLC Pressure Damper 79835-60005 Tested!
$613.81 CAD
SOLVENT MIXER, Short, 200µL, Agilent 5067-1565, NIB SEALED
$113.37 CAD
AGILENT 1100/1200 FLD FLOW CELL/ G1321-60005
Buy: $1511.22 CAD
New!! Agilent G4226-65000 Main Board
Buy: $1512.48 CAD
NEW Agilent PCG-750 Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge PCG750KF16SD2, Display
$1066.29 CAD
Agilent 82357B USB-GPIB Interface High-Speed USB 2.0
$109.5 CAD
Agilent 1200 G1364B Prep AFC Analytical Fraction Collector
Buy: $12603.99 CAD
Agilent 5975C Inert EI 350 Repeller Assembly - PN:G3170-60171
Buy: $515.5 CAD
$819.26 CAD
Agilent R0-071056-29 Inlet Filter
$252.07 CAD
Replacement vacuum chamber
Buy: $882.28 CAD
NEW Agilent/Bruker 392607908 SYRINGE VALVE
$1032.27 CAD
Agilent G1379B 1200 Series HPLC Vacuum Degasser
$510.46 CAD - 2 bids
Agilent 50 mL PP vials for I-AS Tray C 20/pk - PN:G3160-65305
Buy: $134.86 CAD
Agilent 1290 Series Infinity G1330B ALS Thermostat Chiller
Buy: $5671.79 CAD
Agilent Gauge, Micro-Ion E w/Flange, PN:G1960-80303
Buy: $376.86 CAD
Agilent Technology. Active Inlet Valve, without cartridge, G1312-60025
Buy: $308.8 CAD
Agilent 5975 MS Ionization Gauge, For Parts or Repair
$1008.32 CAD
Mettler Toledo FP62 Melting Point Apparatus
$630.2 CAD
Agilent G1367C 1260 Infinity High Performance Autosampler HiP-ALS
Buy: $11973.79 CAD
14-packs of Agilent certified vials sample pack
Buy: $151.25 CAD
Agilent 6890 Cool On-column Inlet Weldment, p/n G1545-80507
Buy: $699.52 CAD
HP Agilent 6890 Autosampler Tray, Tested, Working
$819.26 CAD
Agilent 9699950L0500 V70-V150HT- V250- V300HT 500 CM Extension Cable, 423845
$623.9 CAD
HP Agilent Telegra R Portable Voice Quality Tester J1981A VQT Waves OPT 200 401
Buy: $1890.59 CAD
New!! Agilent Seal Cap Assy 5067-4728 10 PK
Buy: $126.04 CAD
Agilent 5517C HeNe Laser Head 454uW
$1890.59 CAD
Agilent Syringe 2.5mL PTFE Chem 1/pk SHM, PN:8001-0402
Buy: $42.85 CAD
Agilent BenchCel 6x Microplate Handler with Enclosure (Velocity 11)
Buy: $7562.4 CAD
$109.65 CAD
Agilent HPIB Cable # 8120-3445 44" 6890
$18.91 CAD
Agilent 7Ft 1/8 2mm Haysep N 60/80 SS - PN:G3591-80060
Buy: $94.53 CAD
Agilent DB-5MS 30m 0.53mm 1.50u - PN:125-5532
Buy: $149.99 CAD
Agilent 1100 MS Desolvation Assembly (PN: G1946)
Buy: $630.2 CAD
HP Agilent 19257-60010 HPIB INET Interface Board Gas Chromatograph GC
Buy: $1.25 CAD