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Handheld Mini Digital Multimeter AC DC Volt DC Current Resistance Folding Tester
Buy: $18.29 CAD
Digital Pocket Multimeter Portable Smart Electrical Tester LCD 1999 Counts
Buy: $20.6 CAD
AN8205C Thermometry Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter AC DC OHM Volt Tester
Buy: $9.39 CAD
AN8205C Thermometry Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter AC DC OHM Volt Tester
Buy: $9.39 CAD
Pen Type Digital Multimeter Autorange AC DC Voltage Current Ohm Diode Continuity
Buy: $26.13 CAD
NKTECH NK-51C True RMS Digital Multimeter AC/DC V/A Res Cap Freq Continuity Test
$9.84 CAD - 15 bids
Fluke 75 iii Multimeter DMM  with leads some initials and scuffing made in USA
$116.19 CAD
UNI-T UT120C Super Slim Pocket Digital Multimeters Meter DC/AC Amp Ohm Tester
Buy: $20.91 CAD
LCD Auto Range Digital Multimeter Buzz AC DC Volt Amp OHM Temp Tester US Ship
$26.13 CAD
kyoritsu 2007A Digital Clamp Meters AC A 600A NEW
$120.28 CAD
Digital Multimeter Autoranging Capacitance 1999 Counts Backlight CAT II Tester
Buy: $24.83 CAD
AN8205C Thermometry Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter AC DC OHM Volt Tester
Buy: $9.5 CAD
EXCEL Digital Multimeter XL830L Volt Meter Ammeter Ohmmeter Tester CANG
Buy: $12.29 CAD
UNIT UNI-T UT203 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter
Buy: $42.87 CAD
Fluke 77 Series II Multimeter DMM W/ Case - No Leads - TESTED & GUARANTEED
$47.07 CAD - 19 bids
Craftsman Digital Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter Voltmeter Ohmeter 34-82141
$26.12 CAD
all-sun Digital Multimeter with DC AC Volt Ampt DMM Environment and Devices Tool
Buy: $52.1 CAD
UNI-T UT204A Digital Handheld Clamp Multimeter Tester DMM Voltmeter Amp AC DC
Buy: $51.07 CAD
CRAFTSMAN 8 FUNCTION DIGITAL MULTI-METER Brand New 34-82141 Volt Meter Ohmeter
Buy: $22.88 CAD
NEW Digital Multimeter Auto-Ranging Electronic Measuring Instrument AC Voltage
$1.96 CAD - 6 bids
NEW  Craftsman Digital Multimeter with 8 Functions & 18 Ranges model 31937511 NR
Buy: $20.91 CAD
GW Instek Digital Multimeter GDM-8135 New in Box
Buy: $130.74 CAD
UNI-T UT81B Scope Digital Multimeters Oscilloscope 8MHZ  Diode USB Interface
$269.31 CAD
Fluke 73 Series III Multimeter with leads
$348.62 CAD
VICHY VC87 True RMS digital multimeter for motor drives industrial DMM
$89.33 CAD
Keithley 2100/120 DMM 6 & 1/2 Digit Digital Benchtop Multimeter w/ USB
$804.04 CAD
AideTek VC97 3999B LCD Auto range multimeter Capacitance Resistance diode Temp
Buy: $35.29 CAD
Fluke 1625 Advanced Earth Ground Tester GEO Kit 1625Kit <br/> @CALIBRATED@Auto Frequency Control@1 Year Warranty@
Buy: $3524.1 CAD
Digital Multimeter 5999 LCD Auto Ranging Multi Meter CAT II ammeter vc99
Buy: $47.05 CAD
HP Agilent Keysight 34401A DIGITAL MULTIMETER  --> Calibrated <-- w/ test leads
$621.0 CAD
Digital Clamp Meter,400A,750V UEI TEST INSTRUMENTS DL389 <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $188.21 CAD
Digital True RMS Multimeter CATIII 600V Pro Volt Amp Ohm Test Meter LCD Display
$91.5 CAD
Fluke 70 III Multimeter
$77.12 CAD
Digital Multimeter Volts AC/DC Amps AC/DC Resistance Diode Test AMECaL ST-9905 <br/> Best Value for Money Multimeter, Includes Accessories.
$90.09 CAD
Fluke 107 Palm-sized portable/handheld Digital Multimeter smaller than FLUKE 17B
Buy: $108.47 CAD
Digital Multimeter Volts AC/DC Amps AC/DC Resistance Diode Test AMECaL ST-9905 <br/> Best Value for Money Multimeter, Includes Accessories.
$65.06 CAD
Automotive Diagnostic Test Meter Digital Multimeter Engine Analyzer LCD Display
$130.73 CAD
New Fluke Clamp Meter 321 with Carrying Case Test Leads and manual
Buy: $169.95 CAD
BRAND NEW Craftsman Digital Multimeter CAT II-600V with 8 Functions + 20 Ranges
$26.08 CAD
New Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter 2018 / 2019 Calibration Included
$558.91 CAD
3 In 1 EMF Digital Multimeter Autorange 4000Counts with Backlight LCD DMM Testes
Buy: $50.2 CAD
Fluke 1621 GEO Earth Ground Tester F1621 with Red/Yellow Cable Reel + Earth Nail
Buy: $1338.75 CAD
Agilent Keysight 34401A Digital Multimeter 6.5-Digit Guaranteed  GOOD
Buy: $588.33 CAD
New Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter with Case Qty
$606.62 CAD
Agilent 34401A 6.5 Digital Multimeter
Buy: $490.21 CAD
FLUKE 15B+ Digital multimeter Tester DMM with TL75 test leads !!NEW!! F15B+
$117.65 CAD
HP Hewlett Packard E2373A Multimeter w/ Leads Pre-owned Free Shipping
$104.58 CAD
Compact Digital Multimeter CATII 250V Electric Test Large LCD Display 6 Function
Buy: $13.09 CAD
Fluke 17B+ Digital Multimeter
$205.0 CAD
NEW Greenlee Pocket Multimeter PDMM-10
$52.28 CAD
AC Circuit Analyzer,90 to 240V <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $261.47 CAD
Digital Automotive DMM Pen Type Multimeter Autorange Portable With Spotlight
Buy: $46.11 CAD
Automotive Voltmeter Small Digital Multimeter Tester Ammeter Ohmmeter Resistance
$102.58 CAD
Keysight 34410A 6½ Digit High Performance Digital Multimeter, New in Factory Box
Buy: $2222.51 CAD
Fluke Clamp Meter 321 with Carrying Case and Test Leads New
$130.74 CAD
FLUKE Milliamp Process Clamp Meter 773
Buy: $1559.95 CAD
NEW CEN-TECH 7 Function Digital Multimeter / Tester
Buy: $7.84 CAD
Milliamp Clamp Meter, 4-20 mA <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $678.55 CAD
UNI-T UT204 True RMS Auto Range AC/DC 400A Digital Clamp Multimeter with Hz Test
Buy: $70.59 CAD
Autorange Digital Multimeter LCD Power Off 5 in 1 With Backlight Sound Level
Buy: $63.41 CAD
LCD Digital Multimeter DT-9205A Voltage Current Resistance Diod Capacitor Tester
Buy: $19.53 CAD
Greenlee DM-50 Digital Multimeter/Tester
Buy: $45.76 CAD
Aidetek VC99 5999 LCD VOLTMETER DIGITAL MULTIMETER needle tipped Test TLP20157
Buy: $57.17 CAD
MASTECH MS8261 LCD Backlight Display Digital Multimeters AC/DC Volt Amp hFE Test
$66.02 CAD
Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit, 90 Day Warranty - Ships Today
Buy: $719.07 CAD
Used - Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter 6½ Digit. Clean & Calibrated at 2017
$885.11 CAD
Amprobe 35XPA, Digital Multimeter, NEW
$140.49 CAD
Simpson 505 Insulation Tester
$1568.88 CAD
all-sun EM8910 Digital Multimeter Multi Tester Backlight AC/DC Continuity Meter
Buy: $25.1 CAD
TRMS Dual Fuse Digital Multimeter LCD Auto AC DC Volt Meter Ohm Amp Temp Tester
Buy: $98.04 CAD
Triplett 9045 True Rms Digital Multimeter W/ Temperature Capacitance Frequency
Buy: $155.37 CAD
NKTECH Digital Multimeter AC Voltage Current RMS Res Cap Freq Duty Diode w/ Tool
Buy: $16.56 CAD
Fluke 1625 Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester
Buy: $2085.3 CAD
AideTek MS8268N 4000 AC DC Auto-ranging Multimeter tester CAT II 600V R F C buzz
Buy: $57.93 CAD
FLUKE 101 Kit Palm-sized Digital Multimeter Meter Smaller Than Fluke 17B no Amp
Buy: $78.38 CAD
UNI-T UT203 40/400A AC/DC Voltage Current Clamp Meter with Hz, Duty Cycle Test
Buy: $52.28 CAD
Fluke 1625 Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit - 90 Day Warranty
Buy: $2287.95 CAD
Agilent 34405A 5½ Digit Multimeter
$509.89 CAD
VC99+ Auto Range Multimeter Tester analog bar needle tipped tip test TLP20157 US
$57.16 CAD
Craftsman Digital Multimeter 8 Function 34-82141 Gift Electrical Volt Test Meter
Buy: $24.67 CAD
UNI-T UT18C LCD Digital Voltage Continuity Tester Auto Range RCD Phase Rotation
Buy: $43.13 CAD
Fluke 73 III Multimeter With Extra Leads Case Tested Used
$130.73 CAD
Aidetek VC99 3 6/7 Auto Range Digital Multimeter TL809 Electronic Test  TLP20157
Buy: $57.17 CAD
Gardner Bender GB Digital Clamp Meter 600 AMP GCM 221 USA AC Tester Multimeter
Buy: $84.97 CAD
Buy: $58.82 CAD
Chroma QuadTech Quad Tech Sentry 20 Plus + AC DC IR Hipot Tester 5kv 6kv +Manual
$1487.85 CAD
UNI-T UT203  Digital Clamp Meters Voltage Current Frequency Tester 400-600A
$53.52 CAD
Digital Multimeter DMM Pen Type Maximum Auto Range Logic Level Meter CAT II 250V
$29.1 CAD
Aidetek VC99 3 3/4 Digital Multimeter Clamp Meter needle tipped TLP20157
Buy: $57.13 CAD
AC DC Ohmmeter Electric Tester Digital Multimeter with Bag Res Diode Tester
$23.0 CAD
BK Precision 316 Mini AC/DC Clamp Meter
$187.81 CAD
UT33C+ Multimeter Hand Range Digital AC DC Voltage Multi Testers 1999 Counts
Buy: $25.44 CAD
Agilent HP Keysight 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6.5 Digit  with CALIBRATION
$686.38 CAD
Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter With 8 Functions & 20 Ranges Gift Xmas New
Buy: $436.51 CAD
[Good / 30 Days Warranty] Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter 6½ Digit with 34132A
$1111.29 CAD
Etekcity MSR-A600 Digital Multimeter Amp Ohm Volt Meter Continuity Test
$18.24 CAD
Extech EXTECH (R) DM110 Pocket - Basic Features Digital Multimeter, No Temp
Buy: $50.22 CAD
Aidetek VC99 Auto Range LCD Multimeter Tester TL809 Electronic Test Lead LP20157
Buy: $57.21 CAD
Digital EMF Multimeter Antorange Electromagnetic Field Radiation V A DMM Tester
Buy: $50.32 CAD
Amprobe 37XR-A True RMS Digital Multimeter with Component Logic Test
$235.27 CAD