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Straw Stars (Play Crafts) Paperback 1968
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Tinfoil Decorations for Christmas (Play Crafts) Paperback 1967
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Trash To Treasure: The Recycler's Guide To Creative Crafts Volume 2 (1998, HC)
$4.0 CAD
American Pastimes, A Treasury Of Old-Time Crafts And Ideas Book Binder
Buy: $6.65 CAD
The Dancer's Book of Ballet Crafts Dancewear Accessories and Keepsakes hardcover
$15.98 CAD
THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Creative Holiday Ideas 4 Books 2, 5, 7 & 13 Leisure Arts
$15.98 CAD
Macrame 2 (Leisure Crafts 36) Paperback 1973
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Paper Flowers (Leisure Crafts 42) Paperback 3rd impression 1976
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Trim A Tree Christmas Ornament Book For Kids 25 Ornaments To Make
$6.61 CAD
Creative Time and Space Making Room for Making Art  (Paperback)
$21.31 CAD
Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny and Aaron Nieradka (Paperback)
$26.64 CAD
Disney Princess Things To Make And Do Pretty Bedroom 2011 Hardcover Craft Book
$3.26 CAD
The Ultimate Marbling Handbook  ( signed by the author)
Buy: $86.62 CAD
Christmas with Southern Living Vintage Crafts/ Cookbook 1985
$7.93 CAD
Celtic Knots Pattern Book Craft Knotworks  184 pages Wall Hanging Quilt   -D=
$13.31 CAD
1978 VIATKA NATIONAL CRAFTS  Index of Russian literature
$5.99 CAD
Trash To Treasure: The Recycler's Guide To Creative Crafts Volume 1 (1996, HC)
$4.0 CAD
$4.0 CAD
Spin to Weave : The Weaver's Guide to Making Yarn by Sara Lamb (2013, Paperback)
$19.66 CAD
The Best of Kansas arts and crafts. Kansas, 1988, Names & Addresses Of Artists
Buy: $11.71 CAD
Womens Institute BOOK OF COUNTRY CRAFTS Corn Dollies,Spinning,Weaving-Hardcover
$14.65 CAD
Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling A Workbook of Collage, Transfers and..
$18.96 CAD
Easter Treats : Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family, a Holiday Celebrations
$8.65 CAD
Vintage 1943 The Electrical Crafts pb Johnson and Newkirk school textbook
$13.26 CAD
My Rug-Hooking World By Helen Cather Talant, Paperback
$31.99 CAD
The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: 110 Totally Awesome Crafts
$12.98 CAD
January Monthly Arts and Crafts (2000, Book) Mailbox Grades 1-3 Teacher Resource
$2.65 CAD
Painted Pages Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks and Mixed Media (Paperback)
$18.64 CAD
The Picture Book of Pine Cone Projects: Pattern & How To Book Arts Crafts 1968
Buy: $6.65 CAD
The Soupmaker's Kitchen: How to Save Your Scraps, Prepare a Stock, and Craft the
Buy: $42.72 CAD
The Art of Spiritual Writing: How to Craft Prose That Engages and Inspires Your
Buy: $20.33 CAD
Crafting An Angel a Day 1st Printing 2000 House of White Birches Hardcover
$2.64 CAD
Better Homes and Gardens: Christmas Crafts to Make Ahead 1983 Hardcover NICE
$5.32 CAD
Crafts in A Flash Quick, Quicker and Quickest Projects 1998 Hardcover
$2.64 CAD
BOOK THE CRAFTSMAN IN AMERICA 10.25 x 7.25 1-lb. 8.5-oz's NGO 1975
Buy: $8.0 CAD
Joy to the World : A Treasury of Christmas Crafts (1998, Hardcover)
$5.32 CAD
Reader's Digest Crafts & Hobbies 1979
Buy: $3.86 CAD
Spirit of Christmas (1990, Hardcover)
$3.98 CAD
The Home Crafts Handbook Ray E. Haines HC 1948
$17.32 CAD
From Heart & Hand - Creating Beautiful Keepsakes - Victorian Crafts - Hardcover
$15.98 CAD
The Holiday Wreath Book 80 Wreaths to Celebrate Birthdays Anniversaries Holidays
$6.09 CAD
Alternative Art Surfaces Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting (2014, Paperback)
$25.31 CAD
"Better Homes and Gardens Country Bazaar Crafts" Illus Dolls Sew Decorate Paint
$9.0 CAD
Crafts of America: A Guide to the Finest Traditional Crafts Made in the US 1988
Buy: $3.98 CAD
The Decorative Stamping Book Sasha Dorey Hardcover DJ Art Crafts
$2.67 CAD
The Prop Builder's Mask Making Molding & Casting Handbook Bundle Thurston James
$34.69 CAD
Brilliant Copywriting: How to craft the most interesting and effective copy
Buy: $20.45 CAD
Brilliant Copywriting: How to craft the most interesting and effective copy imag
Buy: $23.73 CAD
How To Make Romantic Bentwood Garden Trellises, Fences & Gates, Old Ozark Craft
$3.33 CAD
Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things: How to Craft Eco-Garments and Sneaky
Buy: $16.71 CAD
Shaker Life, Work, And Art (first edition 1987)
$26.65 CAD
Book Christmas Keepsakes Leisure Arts
Buy: $6.66 CAD
Lot Of 2 Mary Engelbreit Christmas Companion Vol 1 & Let the Merry Making Begin
$17.31 CAD
How to Craft a Great Story-ExLibrary
Buy: $9.6 CAD
Crafts for Valentine's Day-ExLibrary
Buy: $4.25 CAD
Crafts For Valentine'S Day (Holiday Crafts for Kids) <br/> by Kathy Ross | Acceptable
Buy: $5.32 CAD
Reader's Digest: Christmas Crafts & Entertaining
$15.18 CAD
Family Circle Crafts for Christmas (1991, Hardcover)
Buy: $6.06 CAD
Origami for Beginners 50 Easy and Fun Japanese Paperfoldings with English F/S
Buy: $29.32 CAD
Create with Me Vintage Paper Crafts with Anna Corba CD - Scratch Free Disc #XD22
Buy: $10.59 CAD
The Picture Book of Pine Cone Projects: Pattern & How To Book Arts Crafts 1968
$17.31 CAD
The Complete Book of Nature Crafts How to wreaths flowers, ect HARDBACK
Buy: $5.33 CAD
Crafts to Celebrate the Seasons (1999, Spiral)
$7.98 CAD
The Emotional Craft of Fiction: How to Write with Emotional Power, Develop Achin
Buy: $29.32 CAD
Native American Survival Skills: How to Make Primitive Tools and Crafts from Nat
Buy: $34.51 CAD
How to Be a Brighter Student: The Craft of Developing Your Brilliance
Buy: $11.94 CAD
How To Sell What You Make. The Business of Marketing Crafts. Paul Gerhards.
$14.16 CAD
Christmas Handcrafts (1992, Hardcover)
$7.45 CAD
Treasury of Christmas Cooking, Crafts, and Gifts (1995, Hardcover)
$8.65 CAD
The Writer's Guide to Beginnings: How to Craft Story Openings That Sell.
Buy: $22.4 CAD
Christmas with Southern Living Crafts/ Cookbook 1996
$7.93 CAD
The Irresistible Novel: How to Craft an Extraordinary Story That Engages
Buy: $22.28 CAD
Blackfoot Craftworker's Book (1991, Paperback, Revised)
$15.33 CAD
Classic Crafts and Recipes for the Holidays (2001, Hardcover)
$7.98 CAD
Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft 25 Projects for a Crafty Afternoon Crafts for Kids
$22.64 CAD
Hobbies : A Complete Introduction to Crafts, Collections, Nature Study... 1972
$35.97 CAD
 The American Indian Craft Book 1972 Marz and Nono Miner
$11.93 CAD
Christmas With Southern Living 1985 Hardcover Crafts Recipes Illustrated
$4.8 CAD
Hannah Crafts' the Bondwoman's Narrative - the (un-) Reliability of the Narrator
Buy: $28.29 CAD
Stained Glass Projects For Beginners, Glass and Glassware Crafts, 2018 Paperback
$26.03 CAD
See and Sew A Picture Book of Sewing Good Housekeeping 1944 HC/DJ
$33.3 CAD
The Irresistible Novel: How to Craft an Extraordinary Story That Engages Readers
Buy: $26.43 CAD
Crafts for the Spirit by Ronni Lundy 30 projects to enhance your personal journe
Buy: $5.06 CAD
A Workbook Of Crafting Problems - Howard Nelson (Paperback, 1958)
$42.38 CAD
Joy To The World: A Treasury of Christmas Crafts
$25.31 CAD
Country Crafts
Buy: $6.66 CAD
Treasury of Christmas Crafts and Foods BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS 1980 VINTAGE
Buy: $2.65 CAD
The Ultimate Crafts Compendium
$25.31 CAD
Crafts in Therapy and Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition
$19.44 CAD
The History of the Blue Blanket; Or, Crafts-Man's Banner. Containing the Fundame
Buy: $45.34 CAD
Cool Crafts with Flowers, Leaves, and Twigs : Gree
Buy: $5.3 CAD
Better Homes And Gardens Treasury Of Christmas Crafts And Foods
$9.33 CAD
Your Life is a Book: How to Craft & Publish Your Memoir, Peterson, Freymann..
Buy: $26.88 CAD
VINTAGE Better Homes and Gardens “Christmas Crafts To Make Ahead” Hardback book
$5.32 CAD
Aleene's Prizewinning Crafts from Readers and Viewer...
$20.24 CAD
How to Craft a Great Story: A Teach Yourself Guide.
Buy: $30.13 CAD
The Mailbox ARTS AND CRAFTS Grades K-6 300 Seasonal Projects Full Color
$13.31 CAD
Stage Crafts <br/> by Chris Hoggett | Paperback
Buy: $9.69 CAD
Fun With Fiber Annie's Attic #875504 Paper Crafts PB c2005 Vicki Blizzard Editor
$11.93 CAD
The Usborne Book of Origami (How to Make) <br/> by Eileen OBrien, Kate Needham | Paperback
Buy: $5.29 CAD