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Ethicon TT012 Endopath Sleeve Round Tip Obturator 12mm (1 Piece)
$43.07 CAD
Qty 11 Covidien Kangaroo Gravity Feeding Bag 1000ml 8884702500 Garden Watering
$54.31 CAD
Surgical Gown Washable/Reusable for Use in Hospital,  Long sleeves, Aqua Color <br/> Elastic cuffs, neck and waist ties, 65%/35% Polycotton
Buy: $33.26 CAD
$1016.92 CAD
Vintage Speed-Clave No.777 Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Castle Brand used cond.
Buy: $750.0 CAD
3M Littmann Cardiology II SE Stethoscope 28" Pediatric.
Buy: $108.6 CAD
Dyonics 7207944 0° 10mm Autoclavable Laparoscope
$543.08 CAD
Laparoscopic Training Instruments Kit Grasper Forceps , Curved Needle Holder Set
$230.61 CAD
Buy: $2295.0 CAD
Brand New RF CAUTERY Electrosurgical Generator 2 Mhz–Radio Surgery Machine RF
$753.52 CAD
Grant™ JB Aqua 2S Plus® Water Bath (230V Only)
$237.6 CAD
Dyonics 7207944 0 Degree 10mm Laparoscope
$407.31 CAD
ClaraMed Battery/USB Powered Smart Portable Endoscope LED Light Source S2
$244.37 CAD
Olympus CF-140S Light Guide Bundle
$135.77 CAD
BECTON DICKINSON 309653 Luer-Lock (40/Box) (X)
$40.72 CAD
ClaraMed mobile smartphone endoscope adapter with Smart LED light source S1
$244.37 CAD
ClaraMed Battery/USB powered Smart Portable Endoscope LED light source S1
$217.22 CAD
Olympus Video Gastroscope GIF-H260 - 90 Day Warranty
$9843.32 CAD
3X Dental Titanium Spiral Implant KIT Straight Abutment + Healing Cap Dentist
$105.02 CAD
Laparoscopic Bipolar Plate Type Dissector Forceps Autoclavable Instruments 3 mm
$123.89 CAD
BD 367986 Blood Collection Tubes Qty=98/Pkg (X)
$17.64 CAD
ClaraMed phone endoscope adapter with ACMI/Olympus portable LED light source
$289.19 CAD
Blind CystoScope Sheath Obturator Olympus A20906A  22fr     "NEW"
$147.99 CAD
Glove Box Holder (4 units - holds 12 glove boxes). New.  Free Shipping.
$74.67 CAD
Pentax LH-150PC Halogen Light Source Endoscope Endoscopy Gastroenterology
$339.41 CAD
3M Littmann Stethoscope IdentificationTag Black Engravable/Write-on Name Plate 2
$16.29 CAD
Endoscope Leak Tester for Fujinon
Buy: $224.02 CAD
Olympus GIF-P140 Pediatric Gastroscope 8.5mm diameter
$5424.01 CAD
New! In Date Olympus FB-231D Disposable Biopsy Forceps
$88.25 CAD
Micro Suture Tying Forceps 7" With Platform - Medical Surgical Steel Instruments
$24.99 CAD
MEDIVATORS / MINNTECH MF01-0080 Replacement Carbon Filter. NEW In Packaging
Buy: $95.04 CAD
ZYPPAH - Stop Snoring Hybrid Oral Appliance 2 day ship NEW Mouthpiece BEST
Buy: $199.79 CAD
Valleylab E6019 Blue Bipolar Dome Footswitch
$305.48 CAD
3X Dental Implant KIT Spiral & St. Abutment & Healing Cap & Analog & Transfer
$109.01 CAD
Laparoscopic Simulator Training Box Medical Surgical Practise Instruments Set
$236.88 CAD
Olympus OSF-3 Flexible Sigmoidoscope *Used, Clean*
$202.3 CAD
Storz Type Bettocchi Diagnostic and Operative Continuous Flow Inner-Outer Sheath
$439.07 CAD
Lawton haemostatic forceps 65pcs new stainless steel
Buy: $434.46 CAD
Olympus OEM CF-H180AL Control Grip Nameplate Endoscopy
$128.98 CAD
WELCH ALLYN 53130 Kleenspec Single-Use Sigmoidoscope Qty=25/Box
$101.81 CAD
CO2 Mainstream Sensor Respironics CAPNOSTAT 5 Compatible for EtCO2 Monitoring
$672.06 CAD
Storz SCB Image 1 Hub Camera Control Unit 22201020
$5702.34 CAD
Olympus OEM CF-Q180AL Control Grip Nameplate Endoscopy
$128.98 CAD
Medivators Filter 0.45 Micron MF01-0015 OEM. New / sealed. Free Shipping
$135.77 CAD
Fujinon Reusable Biopsy Forceps K2416R
$305.48 CAD
R.Wolf 8834.01 procto-rectoscopy
$930.02 CAD
Philips Intellivue Strip Recorder Module Model M1116B
Buy: $475.19 CAD
Luer Lock Liposuction Cannula 3mm X 20cm Plastic Surgery Instruments
Buy: $162.92 CAD
Medivators Stratus EGA-501 CO2 Insufflator EndoStratus
$2545.69 CAD
Olympus OSF-3 Fiber Sigmoidoscope
$746.73 CAD
COVIDIEN  ROTICULATOR 017612  55-3.5mm Stapler
$19.01 CAD
Medivators MF01-0015 Absolute 10" 0.45 Micron DSD/SSD/Advantage Filter
$257.95 CAD
Electrosurgical Double,Single Paddle Foot Switch Monopolar Bipolar Cut/Coag
$218.81 CAD
Sterilization Pouch Tyvek 12”x17.5” Self Seal Box Of 25
Buy: $67.88 CAD
Olympus A2754 12 And 30 Degree Dual Port Working Element
Buy: $305.48 CAD
Stethoscope - Black. New without box
Buy: $21.71 CAD
Electrosurgical Unit Single Paddle Foot Switch Bipolar
$100.82 CAD
Alaris 8300 CareFusion Microstream EtCO2 CareFusion Monitor Module
Buy: $882.5 CAD
Olympus CF Type P20S Sigmoidoscope
$677.49 CAD
Elastic Nail Orthopedics Instrument 10 Pieces Set Titanium Orthopedic instrument
Buy: $270.18 CAD
Olympus A20906A Blind Obturator.
$135.76 CAD
Karl Storz 651210 Kuhn-Bolger 3mm 55° Giraffe Forceps
$475.19 CAD
GE Dash 4000 Patient Monitor with options
$801.04 CAD
Ligasure Adaptor-SINGLE ADAPTOR (Make any Instrument Compatible)for Ligasure8/10
Buy: $304.69 CAD
Lot of 10!! Reusable FABRIC Isolation GOWN Washable Protective Gowns USA Seller!
$119.48 CAD
Portable Endoscope USB Medical Recorder Endoscopy Laparoscopy Ent Full HD 1080P
Buy: $475.19 CAD
White Nitrile Exam Gloves (case)
Buy: $203.65 CAD
Buy: $230.8 CAD
MEDIVATORS / MINNTECH MF01-0080 Replacement Carbon Filter. NEW. Free Shipping.
$264.75 CAD
Zoll E Series
Buy: $1357.7 CAD
Nasal instruments set Rhinoplasty set of 21 Pcs Plastic surgery instruments
Buy: $332.64 CAD
Codman 30-4512 Randall Kidney Stone Forceps
Buy: $65.45 CAD
Micro Hand surgery instruments set Micro surgery Surgical instruments
Buy: $332.64 CAD
Surgical Gown Washable/Reusable for Use in Hospital,  Long sleeves, Black Color <br/> Elastic cuffs, neck and waist ties, 65%,35% Polycotton
Buy: $34.62 CAD
Tympanoplasty Instruments Set, Micro Ear Surgery ENT Instruments Black Coated
Buy: $475.19 CAD
12 LED Column Mounted Dental Lamp Veterinary Surgical Medical Light ENT Surgery
Buy: $892.25 CAD
Pentax EG-2730K Gastroscope
$4745.16 CAD
Smith & Nephew / DYONICS Power Control Unit 7205841
$270.86 CAD
Bipolar/Monopolar Passive /Active Working Element TURP 24 / 26 Fr Sheath Set
$681.89 CAD
Laparoscopic Blunt Obturator Fixable Pyramidal Safety Trocar 10 mm Set-4Pc
$284.45 CAD
Rhinoplasty instruments set of 25 pcs,nose surgery instruments fine Quality
Buy: $285.12 CAD
Longwave Diathermy Shortwave Diathermy Physiotherapy Capacitor Machine @3%d
$757.6 CAD
MEDLINE MDS80441 Standard IV Stand (M)
$52.95 CAD
Olympus OEV262H
Buy: $5646.13 CAD
Carefusion Alaris PC 8015 Wifi Infusion Pump Controller - SOFTWARE: #5
$271.54 CAD
Volkmann Bone Curette Set of 9 pieces Orthopedic Surgical instruments
Buy: $169.71 CAD
Laparoscopic Bipolar D/A Diathermy Cutter Dissector Surgical Instrument Set 5mm
$388.52 CAD
3X Dental Titanium Spiral Implant + Straight Abutment Any Mix Available Lab
$103.69 CAD
Laparoscopic Bipolar Vessel Sealing Sealer and Clamps With Cable Instruments 3Pc
$193.27 CAD
Box of 30 New Kangaroo 1000ml Enteral Pump Set REF 773600
Buy: $101.83 CAD
NEW ! BrandTECH Scientific Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser 1-10ml, 4720140
$221.73 CAD
Suction Tube Attachment Device 20/BX Ref. No. 9785
$71.89 CAD
Mayo Clinic IBCB01 Interactive Breath Hold Control System
$203.65 CAD
Auricular Reconstruction Set of 17 pcs Plastic Surgery Instruments
Buy: $189.13 CAD
Tympanoplasty Instruments Set, Micro Ear Surgery ENT Instruments Black Coated
Buy: $332.64 CAD
Olympus CF-140S Sigmoidoscope Evis Endoscope Endoscopy #2
$1160.83 CAD
Pentax OS-A13 White Balance Adjuster
$95.03 CAD
Tabbets Breast Retractor Set of 2 pcs With Teeth plastic surgery instruments
Buy: $236.65 CAD
Laparoscopic Endoclinch ,Croce-Olmi Grasper Straight Scissor Surgical Instrument
$278.5 CAD
Rhoton micro dissector expanded 20 pcs set stainless steel in steel case
Buy: $257.96 CAD