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In Tangier, 1987-90 by Howard Hodgkin Limited Edition Serigraph Art Print 37x34
$331.99 CAD
Gossip, 1994 by Howard Hodgkin Serigraph Art Print Lincoln Center 36x44
$365.13 CAD
Sir Howard Hodgkin (1932-2017) "Composition with Red" 1971 Hand signed UK Artist
$1301.44 CAD
MUSEUM ART PRINT Venetian Glass Howard Hodgkin
Buy: $84.85 CAD
Howard Hodgkin-The Sky's The Limit-2002 Serigraph-SIGNED
Buy: $1992.0 CAD
Howard Hodgkin,screenprint,  Lotus, 1980
Buy: $8763.47 CAD
Howard Hodgkin, Lithograph,  Window, 1976, hand signed and edition on verso
Buy: $3982.67 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'Brushstroke' 2010 SIGNED Limited Edition Silkscreen Print Framed
$5976.0 CAD
Howard Hodgkin, Lithograph,  Sun, 1976, hand signed
Buy: $3982.67 CAD
Howard Hodgkin-Tropical Fruit-1981 Serigraph-SIGNED
Buy: $9960.0 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'Moon' 1987 SIGNED Hand-Colored Lithograph Print (cat. no. 77)
$6640.0 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'All Alone in the MoMA' 1979 SIGNED Etching Print #5/100 Framed
$5976.0 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'Red Listening Ear' 1986 SIGNED Hand-Colored Etching (cat no. 74)
$11952.0 CAD
Howard Hodgkin Venetian Glass 1989 Open Edition
Buy: $100.91 CAD
Howard Hodgkin Sky's The Limit Serigraph Edition of 500
Buy: $158.02 CAD
Mostly Mozart Festival poster rare size,1989,artist;Sir Howard Hodgkin, listed
$118.19 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'In Tangier', 1991 SIGNED 22-Color Silkscreen Print #68/72 Framed
$9960.0 CAD
Howard Hodgkin In Tangier 1992 Lincoln Center Serigraph Edition of 1000
Buy: $398.4 CAD
Howard Hodgkin Gossip 1994 Serigraph
Buy: $378.47 CAD
Howard Hodgkin, Eye, Carborundum Etching
Buy: $8632.0 CAD
Howard Hodgkin-The Sky's The Limit-2002 Serigraph
Buy: $149.4 CAD
Howard Hodgkin-Venetian Glass (no border)-1989 Offset Lithograph
Buy: $53.78 CAD
Howard Hodgkin-Venetian Glass-1989 Poster
Buy: $95.62 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'Art Plus Opera', 2012 Poster UK Museum Fundraising Event **NEW**
$166.0 CAD
$664.0 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'In Tangier', 1987-90 Limited Edition SILKSCREEN Poster **NEW**
$531.2 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN 'Absent Friends', 2018 Poster UK Museum Exhibition **NEW**
$66.4 CAD
HOWARD HODGKIN Looking at Pictures Exhibition Catalogue Designed by Gordon House
Buy: $46.41 CAD