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Akron Art Museum : Art since 1850, an Introduction to the Collection <br/> by Akron Art Museum; Kahan, Mitchell... | LikeNew
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To Bear Any Burden : The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in the Words of... <br/> by Al Santoli | Good
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Psychological Effects of Cocaine and Crack Addiction <br/> by Ann E. Holmes; Claire E. Reinburg | Acceptable
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A Pocketful of Pets
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Sound Friendships : The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Ear Dog  (ExLib) <br/> by Elizabeth Yates | Acceptable
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The Judicial Code and Rule of Procedures in the Federal Courts 2002 Revision <br/> by Kevin M. Clermont | Acceptable
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The Complete History of Our Presidents <br/> by M. Lilly; Eileen Lucas; Michael Weber;... | Good
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Bloom (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition <br/> by Elizabeth Scott | Library Binding
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Ben Jonson  (ExLib) <br/> by  | Acceptable
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Toughboy and Sister <br/> by Hill, Kirkpatrick | Acceptable
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Taken <br/> by Edward Bloor | Good
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The World of Sports <br/> by Wallace, Paula S. | Good
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Young Years : Best Loved Stories and Poems for Little Children <br/> by  | Acceptable
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SHAKESPEARE'S CRITICS From Jonson to Auden  HB 1964 Criticism
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The Middle East : Opposing Viewpoints
$13.4 CAD
Forfeit (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Dick Francis | School &amp;amp; Library Binding
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Nelson Mandela: Activist for Equality (Journey to Freedom: The...  (ExLib)
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Furnishing Eternity : A Father, a Son, a Coffin, and a Measure of Life  (ExLib) <br/> by David Giffels | Good
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The Storyteller [Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition]
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$8.05 CAD
Louie <br/> by Ezra Jack Keats | Acceptable
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Election (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Tom Perrotta | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
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The Other Side of the River [Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition]
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The Life Of Henry V (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by William Shakespeare | Library Binding
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History of the Virginia Beach Police Department : The First 400 Years <br/> by Donald L. Fox | Good
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Winter Days in the Big Woods <br/> by Laura Ingalls Wilder | Acceptable
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The Eye Book <br/> by Dr. Seuss; Theo LeSieg | Good
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Exile <br/> by Grace Cavendish | VeryGood
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Scholastic Children's Dictionary
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From Post Office to Art Center : A Nashville Landmark in Transition <br/> by Kreyling, Christine | Good
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The Eentsy, Weentsy Spider : Fingerplays and Action Rhymes  (ExLib) <br/> by Joanna Cole; Stephanie Calmenson | Good
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What Mary Jo Shared
$7.36 CAD
The Presidents : A Reference History <br/> by  | Good
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Bigger Thomas  (ExLib) <br/> by  | Good
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Grooves : A Kind of Mystery by Kevin Brockmeier exlibrary
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The Art Lesson (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Tomie dePaola | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
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Escape from Hell (Library Binding)  - Audiobook
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Naked Witness (A Phyllida Moon mystery) <br/> by Dewhurst, Eileen | Good
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The Awakening (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Kate Chopin | School &amp; Library Binding
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The Future Is History : How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia  (ExLib, NoDust) <br/> by Masha Gessen | VeryGood
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The Wonder of Whitetails <br/> by Lantier-Sampon, Patricia; Cox,... | Acceptable
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Five Hundred Years of English Poetry : From Chaucer to Arnold  (ExLib) <br/> by  | Acceptable
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The Demon In The Freezer (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Richard Preston | School &amp;amp; Library Binding
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Construction Workers <br/> by Tami Deedrick | Good
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Politics American Style : Political Parties in American History  (ExLib) <br/> by Isobel V. Morin | VeryGood
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Shen of the Sea : Chinese Stories for the Children <br/> by Arthur B. Chrisman; Arthur Bowie... | Acceptable
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WESTERN WORLD COSTUME a History Carolyn Bradley HB 1954 Primitive thru 1950s
$9.39 CAD
Anansi and the Box of Stories : A West African Folktale  (ExLib) <br/> by Stephen Krensky | Good
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Math at the Vet <br/> by Steffora, Tracey | Acceptable
Buy: $20.4 CAD
Storm Book <br/> by Zolotow, Charlotte; Graham, Bloy M. | Acceptable
Buy: $5.66 CAD
The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists : Mathematicians  (ExLib) <br/> by Abbott, David | Acceptable
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Rays : Animals with an Electric Charge  (ExLib) <br/> by Isidro S?nchez; Andreu Llamas;... | Acceptable
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So You Want To Join The Peace (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Dillon Banerjee | Library Binding
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Australia - The Culture <br/> by Erinn Banting | LikeNew
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The Librarian's Guide to Public Records, 1998 : Where to Find Public Records... <br/> by  | VeryGood
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Black American Poets and Dramatists Before the Harlem Renaissance <br/> by  | Good
Buy: $14.37 CAD
The Most Wonderful Doll in the World <br/> by Phyllis McGinley | Acceptable
Buy: $5.67 CAD
Cinque of the Amistad and the Slave Trade in World History <br/> by Worth, Richard | VeryGood
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The Abortion Controversy <br/> by Emmens, Carol A. | LikeNew
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Go Tell It On The Mountain (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by James Baldwin | School &amp;amp; Library Binding
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Experiencing Adolescence : A Sourcebook for Parents, Teachers and Teens  (ExLib) <br/> by Nancy L. Galambos; Richard M. Lerner | Good
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Science Fiction Writers of the Golden Age <br/> by  | Good
Buy: $9.13 CAD
English Conquest of Ireland, A.D.1166-85 (English and Latin...  (ExLib, NoDust) <br/> by Giraldus, Cambrensis; Giraldus, | Good
Buy: $16.64 CAD
The Prince and the Pooch (Adventures of Wishbone (Gareth Stevens)) <br/> by Leavitt, Caroline | LikeNew
Buy: $6.92 CAD
Cars (Pointers) <br/> by Graham, Ian | LikeNew
Buy: $8.29 CAD
Russell Sprouts <br/> by Hurwitz, Johanna | Good
Buy: $18.48 CAD
Women in the Middle East and North Africa : Restoring Women to History <br/> by Judith E. Tucker; Guity Nashat | Good
Buy: $21.56 CAD
Twilight Land <br/> by Howard Pyle | Acceptable
Buy: $5.67 CAD
Managing Planet Earth <br/> by  | Good
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A Natural History of Peace (English) Library Binding Book Free Shipping!
Buy: $91.7 CAD
Leftover Lily <br/> by Sally Warner | Good
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Probability and Confirmation (Philosophy of Science) <br/> by  | Good
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Silver Bells by Deborah Raney <br/> by Deborah Raney | LikeNew
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The Sleeping Porch <br/> by Ackerman, Karen | Good
Buy: $7.33 CAD
Mystery of the Double, Double Cross <br/> by Christian, Mary Blount | Good
Buy: $8.65 CAD
Math Saves the Day! : A Song for Budding Scientists  (NoDust) <br/> by Blake Hoena; Katie Hoena | VeryGood
Buy: $20.7 CAD
St. Augustine <br/> by Melinda Lilly | Acceptable
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Stephen Crane <br/> by  | Acceptable
Buy: $8.97 CAD
Magill's Survey of American Literature  (ExLib) <br/> by  | Good
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Thomas Hardy <br/> by  | VeryGood
Buy: $6.48 CAD
Hakeem Olajuwon <br/> by McMane, Fred | Acceptable
Buy: $6.64 CAD
Measuring Size (Let's Explore) <br/> by Pluckrose, Henry Arthur | Acceptable
Buy: $7.96 CAD
The Baby Chicks Sing/Los Pollitos Dicen (English and Spanish Edition) <br/> by Hall, Nancy Abraham; Syverson-Stork,... | Acceptable
Buy: $8.84 CAD
Do I Have To? <br/> by Quigley, Stacy; Lexa-Senning, Susan | Acceptable
Buy: $6.32 CAD
The Bat (Nature Walk) <br/> by Bradley, James V | Acceptable
Buy: $6.68 CAD
The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie <br/> by Jennifer Crusie | Acceptable
Buy: $5.67 CAD
Human Rights <br/> by  | Acceptable
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The Aztecs (Historic Civilizations) <br/> by Smith, Jeremy; Saunders, Nicholas | Acceptable
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Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Valentime (Junie B. Jones 14, Library Binding)
$4.93 CAD
The Retirement Sourcebook : Your Complete Guide to Health, Leisure, and... <br/> by Edward L. Palder | Good
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Investigator in the Mystery at Camp Crump <br/> by Jerry Smath | Good
Buy: $14.86 CAD
The 1960s <br/> by  | Good
Buy: $5.7 CAD
The Environment in Henry David Thoreau's Walden <br/> by  | LikeNew
Buy: $5.67 CAD
The Seminole Indians <br/> by Bill Lund | Acceptable
Buy: $5.35 CAD
Street and Runaway Teens <br/> by  | LikeNew
Buy: $5.67 CAD
Alexander Pope  (ExLib) <br/> by  | Acceptable
Buy: $5.67 CAD
Kittens Today : A Complete and Up-to-Date Guide  (ExLib) <br/> by American Society for the Prevention of... | Good
Buy: $14.92 CAD
Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S. (English) Library Binding Book
Buy: $64.79 CAD
Tropical Fish (Fish: Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity) <br/> by Pronek, Neal | Acceptable
Buy: $10.1 CAD