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Huevos Verdes con Jamon by Dr. Seuss <br/> by Dr. Seuss | Good
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Changing Matter : Understanding Physical and Chemical Changes <br/> by Tracy Nelson Maurer | Good
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Walkabout (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edi <br/> by James Vance Marshall | School &amp; Library Binding
Buy: $5.32 CAD
Here Comes the Ride  (ExLib) by Lorena McCourtney <br/> by Lorena McCourtney | Good
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Immigrants and Neighbors by Thomas S. Owens <br/> by Thomas S. Owens | Good
Buy: $15.59 CAD
Children's Literature Review : Excerpts from Reviews, Criticism, and... <br/> by  | VeryGood
Buy: $5.51 CAD
The Bully in the Book and in the Classroom by C. J. Bott <br/> by C. J. Bott | VeryGood
Buy: $6.88 CAD
A Listen to Classical Music  (ExLib) by Colleen Hord <br/> by Colleen Hord | VeryGood
Buy: $5.52 CAD
The Road to Ruin  (ExLib) by Donald E. Westlake <br/> by Donald E. Westlake | VeryGood
Buy: $7.28 CAD
Don't Feed the Monster on Tuesdays! : The Children's Self-Esteem Book <br/> by Adolph J. Moser | Good
Buy: $21.05 CAD
Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway <br/> by  | VeryGood
Buy: $5.51 CAD
An Introduction to Mechanical Reliability : A Designer's Approach <br/> by Vinogradov, Oleg | VeryGood
Buy: $11.18 CAD
Netherland by Joseph O'Neill <br/> by Joseph O'Neill | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Neil Simon <br/> by  | Acceptable
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Film and Nationalism <br/> by  | Good
Buy: $16.78 CAD
Artificial Intelligence by Blay Whitby <br/> by Blay Whitby | Acceptable
Buy: $10.05 CAD
Skills for School Success  (ExLib) by Meg Greve <br/> by Meg Greve | VeryGood
Buy: $5.51 CAD
The Story Behind Rubber  (ExLib) by Barbara A. Somervill <br/> by Barbara A. Somervill | VeryGood
Buy: $14.62 CAD
Spur to the Smoke  (ExLib) by Steve Frazee <br/> by Steve Frazee | VeryGood
Buy: $7.45 CAD
A Listen to Rock 'N' Roll  (ExLib) by Tom Greve <br/> by Tom Greve | VeryGood
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Air <br/> by Andrew Charman | Good
Buy: $53.05 CAD
The History of the Utah Starzz by Eric Braun <br/> by Eric Braun | Good
Buy: $8.93 CAD
Biology and Knowledge : An Essay on the Relations Between Organic Regulations... <br/> by Jean Piaget | Good
Buy: $19.26 CAD
Entertainment  (ExLib) by Kirsten Rue <br/> by Kirsten Rue | VeryGood
Buy: $21.72 CAD
The Silver Anniversary Murder  (ExLib) by Lee Harris <br/> by Lee Harris | VeryGood
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Rachel Carson <br/> by Judith Janda Presnall | Good
Buy: $15.37 CAD
A Winter Place by Ruth Y. Radin <br/> by Ruth Y. Radin | Good
Buy: $9.43 CAD
Blackberry Summer  (ExLib) by Raeanne Thayne <br/> by Raeanne Thayne | Good
Buy: $8.72 CAD
Sweet Tea for Two : A Honey Grove Romance  (ExLib) by Genell Dellin <br/> by Genell Dellin | Good
Buy: $9.46 CAD
Two Days after the Wedding  (ExLib) by Joan A. Medlicott <br/> by Joan A. Medlicott | Good
Buy: $8.93 CAD
The Cuchillo Plains by Ray Hogan <br/> by Ray Hogan | Acceptable
Buy: $11.79 CAD
Everything and the Moon  (ExLib) by Julia Quinn <br/> by Julia Quinn | Good
Buy: $6.23 CAD
Business Library and How to Use It : A Guide to Sources and Research...  (ExLib) <br/> by A. J. Faria; Elizabeth Wood; Peter... | Good
Buy: $12.43 CAD
Poverty by Richard Worth <br/> by Richard Worth | Acceptable
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Sisters Long Ago by Peg Kehret <br/> by Peg Kehret | Acceptable
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Headaches and Migraines  (ExLib, NoDust) <br/> by Elaine Magee | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
City of Tranquil Light  (ExLib) by Bo Caldwell <br/> by Bo Caldwell | Good
Buy: $5.48 CAD
Bias in the Media  (ExLib) by Hal Marcovitz <br/> by Hal Marcovitz | Good
Buy: $14.3 CAD
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare <br/> by William Shakespeare | Acceptable
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Let's Hear It for Boxers  (ExLib) by Lynn M. Stone; Piper Welsh <br/> by Lynn M. Stone; Piper Welsh | VeryGood
Buy: $5.51 CAD
War in Vietnam by David K. Wright <br/> by David K. Wright | Acceptable
Buy: $7.98 CAD
The Jargoon Pard by Andre Norton <br/> by Andre Norton | VeryGood
Buy: $6.09 CAD
Search the Dark : Watcher in the Dark by Marta Perry <br/> by Marta Perry | LikeNew
Buy: $11.55 CAD
The Atlantic Ocean by Anne Ylvisaker <br/> by Anne Ylvisaker | Acceptable
Buy: $5.26 CAD
The Horsemaster's Daughter by Wiggs, Susan <br/> by Wiggs, Susan | Good
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Cool Baking  (ExLib) <br/> by  | VeryGood
Buy: $11.18 CAD
Let's Hear It for Labrador Retrievers  (ExLib) by Piper Welsh; Lynn M. Stone <br/> by Piper Welsh; Lynn M. Stone | VeryGood
Buy: $13.01 CAD
The First Prophet  (ExLib) by Kay Hooper <br/> by Kay Hooper | Good
Buy: $5.48 CAD
Horton Hears a Who! <br/> by Dr. Seuss | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Freedom of Religion  (ExLib) by Zacharias, Gary <br/> by Zacharias, Gary | VeryGood
Buy: $5.36 CAD
A Green Journey by Jon Hassler <br/> by Jon Hassler | Acceptable
Buy: $5.52 CAD
Raney by Clyde Edgerton <br/> by Clyde Edgerton | LikeNew
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Careers in Fitness and Personal Training by Randy Littlejohn <br/> by Randy Littlejohn | Good
Buy: $8.79 CAD
%A U.S.A. (On the Map) Daphne Butler
$15.79 CAD
Arthur Miller by Harold Bloom <br/> by Harold Bloom | VeryGood
Buy: $13.41 CAD
Cindy and the Prince  (ExLib) by Debbie Macomber <br/> by Debbie Macomber | VeryGood
Buy: $8.13 CAD
Clementine by Picture Window Books <br/> by Picture Window Books | Acceptable
Buy: $6.05 CAD
Flannery O'Connor by Harold Bloom <br/> by Harold Bloom | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Picture Perfect  (ExLib) by Janice Thompson <br/> by Janice Thompson | Good
Buy: $5.72 CAD
Lake Michigan by Anne Ylvisaker <br/> by Anne Ylvisaker | VeryGood
Buy: $5.43 CAD
Cain  (ExLib) by Jos? Saramago <br/> by Jos? Saramago | Good
Buy: $5.51 CAD
In Your Dreams : A Blue Heron Novel  (ExLib) by Kristan Higgins <br/> by Kristan Higgins | VeryGood
Buy: $5.48 CAD
Sidewinders  (ExLib) by William Johnstone; J. A. Johnstone <br/> by William Johnstone; J. A. Johnstone | VeryGood
Buy: $5.36 CAD
Troublesome Range  (ExLib) by Peter Dawson <br/> by Peter Dawson | VeryGood
Buy: $5.48 CAD
Beethoven  (ExLib) by Wendy Lynch <br/> by Wendy Lynch | Good
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Readings on the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe  (ExLib) by Hayley M. Haugen <br/> by Hayley M. Haugen | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
O. Henry by O. Henry <br/> by O. Henry | VeryGood
Buy: $5.26 CAD
The Abortion Conflict : A Pro/Con Issue by Deanne Durrett <br/> by Deanne Durrett | Acceptable
Buy: $5.48 CAD
William Faulkner  (ExLib) by Harold Bloom <br/> by Harold Bloom | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Mi Manzano by David Bauer <br/> by David Bauer | Good
Buy: $5.52 CAD
The Harlem Renaissance by Dana Meachen Rau <br/> by Dana Meachen Rau | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
A Separate Peace  (ExLib) <br/> by  | VeryGood
Buy: $5.48 CAD
The Martian Chronicles  (ExLib) by Ray Bradbury <br/> by Ray Bradbury | Good
Buy: $9.13 CAD
Sexting  (ExLib) by Stefan Kiesbye <br/> by Stefan Kiesbye | Good
Buy: $9.44 CAD
The Legal System  (ExLib) by Tamara L. Roleff <br/> by Tamara L. Roleff | Good
Buy: $9.42 CAD
The Duchess and the Dragon  (ExLib) by Jamie Carie <br/> by Jamie Carie | Acceptable
Buy: $7.03 CAD
Watchers by Dean Koontz <br/> by Dean Koontz | VeryGood
Buy: $21.18 CAD
Scandals of Classic Hollywood : Sex, Deviance, and Drama from the...  (ExLib) <br/> by Anne Helen Petersen | Good
Buy: $15.29 CAD
Westward on the Oregon Trail by Place, Marian T. <br/> by Place, Marian T. | Good
Buy: $7.3 CAD
Race in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  (ExLib) <br/> by Johnson, Claudia Durst | VeryGood
Buy: $8.26 CAD
Cleaning Up : Comparing Past and Present  (ExLib) by Rebecca Rissman <br/> by Rebecca Rissman | VeryGood
Buy: $20.18 CAD
Nine Stories (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding  <br/> by J.D. Salinger | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
Buy: $5.97 CAD
Rescue Vehicles (Mechanic Mike's Machines) by West, David <br/> by West, David | Acceptable
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain <br/> by Ben Fountain | Good
Buy: $5.48 CAD
Sherlock Holmes and the Kings Governess by Barrie Roberts <br/> by Barrie Roberts | Good
Buy: $5.51 CAD
Toni Morrison's Beloved  (NoDust) by Sickels, Amy <br/> by Sickels, Amy | VeryGood
Buy: $6.64 CAD
Texas Cooking by Lisa Wingate <br/> by Lisa Wingate | VeryGood
Buy: $13.75 CAD
Bell's Star <br/> by Alison Hart | Good
Buy: $9.47 CAD
A Rose For Melinda (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edition) <br/> by Lurlene McDaniel | School &amp;amp; Library Binding
Buy: $21.07 CAD
Barefoot Brides  (ExLib) by Annie Jones <br/> by Annie Jones | VeryGood
Buy: $12.33 CAD
Sage's Eyes  (ExLib) by V. C. Andrews <br/> by V. C. Andrews | Good
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Bone by Fae Myenne Ng <br/> by Fae Myenne Ng | VeryGood
Buy: $10.01 CAD
Stand Back, Said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze! by Patricia Thomas <br/> by Patricia Thomas | Good
Buy: $17.78 CAD
One Hot Murder by Lorraine Bartlett <br/> by Lorraine Bartlett | Good
Buy: $5.51 CAD
My Cat by Michele D. Clise <br/> by Michele D. Clise | VeryGood
Buy: $5.26 CAD
Faithful Friends by ABDO Publishing Company Staff <br/> by ABDO Publishing Company Staff | Good
Buy: $6.88 CAD
Frontier Fury : A Western Duo  (ExLib) by Henry, William, Sr. <br/> by Henry, William, Sr. | VeryGood
Buy: $21.18 CAD
The Bridge of San Luis Rey  (ExLib) by Thornton Wilder <br/> by Thornton Wilder | Acceptable
Buy: $21.18 CAD
Amazing Mark by Robyn Supraner <br/> by Robyn Supraner | Acceptable
Buy: $10.0 CAD