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Joel Oppenheimer New Spaces 1975-83 Signed 23/150 Black Sparrow #Black Mountain
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"Like a Dream" 1pc Journal Notebook Lock Box Diary Cute Stationery Gift Package
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12 Rules for Life : An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson 2018
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"Molang Rabbit" 1pc Cute 2018 2019 Monthly Weekly Planner Agenda Notebook Diary
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"Constellation" 1pc Hard Cover Blank Sketchbook Beautiful Notebook Diary Journal
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"Magic Spells" 1pc Vintage Hard Cover Diary Business Notebook Study Journal Gift
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"Magic Book" 1pc Vintage Hard Cover Diary Retro Notebook Study Journal Planner
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Becoming Michelle Obama Book Edition Woman Limited New Hardcover
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NEW Becoming Supernatural by DR. Joe Dispenza Audiobook MP3 Download
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"Traveler's Handbook" 1pc Vintage Diary Faux Leather Notebook Journal Kraft Memo
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"Wild Flowers" 1pc Hard Cover Diary Vintage Notebook Journal Stationery Gift
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The Obesity Code : Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Jason Fung { E-B00K }
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"Sweet Fruits" 1pc Cute Small Diary Pocket Notebook Memo Pad Mini Journal Spiral
$5.21 CAD
Volubilis Ex Chaosium by S. Ben Qayin
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Barbara Gibbs Poems Written In Berlin 1959 151/526 Banyan Press #Beat Generation
$26.0 CAD
Michael McCafferty Nickel Bag 1968 Children of Albion Private Press #UK #Beat
$30.0 CAD
✍️ Charles Bukowski SIGNED Post Office 1st Printing PB 1971 #Erections #Crucifix
$1250.0 CAD
Sal Salasin The Fascist Heresy a Collection of Poems 1974 #Richard Hack *Scarce*
$35.0 CAD
Richard Brautigan (Intro) Overland Journal of Joseph Francl 1968 Ltd. Ed. #Beat
$85.0 CAD
NEW Audio Book The Power Of Now by Ekhart Tolle Unabridged 2004
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Philip Lamantia Ekstasis 1959 Auerhahn Press Limited 1st Edition #DestroyedWorks
$90.0 CAD
The Delights Of The Door Francis Ponge Robert Bly Signed Bedouin Press #126/150
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The Face Magazine Movements 1980-2003 Retrospective Ltd Edition UK Rave Fashion
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Woodstock LIFE Magazine Special Edition 1969  Canadian Edition
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Franklin Library Pulitzer Prize Leather Luxury Edition ANY BOOK FOR $30 CDN
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Mapping Victorian Toronto ~ Charles Goad ~ Limited ED ~ Toronto History ~ Atlas
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Collectors' Guide. Fox Hole Press. Tinnies of the Third Reich (Vols 1-4)
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Kenneth Irby Relation 1st Edition 1970 Black Sparrow Pr. #BlackMountain #Creeley
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Marilyn Monroe cover LOOK magazine July 5, 1960 Yves Montand Let's Make Love
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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Collector's Edition Guide - MINT Condition
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Mysticism, Initiation And Dream By Andrew D. Chumbley
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FIRST JOURNEY ~ Winston S. Churchill (Grandson) ~ Limited Edition Signed 1964
$150.0 CAD
Lana Turner cover Motion Picture May 1946 Betty Grable Judy Garland
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Stephen King Goes To The Movies-signed and remarqued (Item C1114)
$225.0 CAD
Bandits In The Grapes by Ron Nason, Softcover Book,Good-Shape,1998,Limited Ed.
$7.99 CAD
Pass Keys to Alchemy Deluxe Lost Book of Lapidus (David Curwen) Occult
Buy: $500.0 CAD
Marilyn Monroe Photoplay Magazine May 1956 Mitzi Gaynor Jack Lemmon Doris Day
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The Wind Through The Keyhole- UK Version-signed/numbered in slipcase Item C1021)
$350.0 CAD
THE MALTESE FALCON ~ Dashiell Hammett ~ North Point Press ~ 1984
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Grenadier Gazette Regiment Journal Grenadier Guards 2011#34 Browning MusterRolls
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Garro Vow of Faith Limited Edition - Horus Heresy Warhammer 40k
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Princess Diana 20th Anniversary Tribute Hello Canada Magazine New
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The Grimoire of Armadel
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HOME GAME by KEN DRYDEN *SIGNED* 1st/1st Limited Edition
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The Infernal Path - A. W. Dray
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  Wizard magazine - 1996 Bad Girls Special (Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire).
$20.0 CAD
Ancillary Justice, Sword and Mercy Full Set - Subterranean Press, 3x Limited Ed
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THE TRIAL ~ Franz Kafka ~ Illus. By Alan E. Cober ~ Limited Editions Club 1975
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  Wizard magazine - 2007 Movie Spectacular ( Spider-man 3).
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Great Photographers 1971  Life Library of Photography Time-Life Books New York
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ANIMATION: THE ART OF FRIZ FRELENG ~ Limited Edition Signed Box Set ~ 1994
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Maclean's Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 Commemorative Issue Sidney Crosby
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THE WRITINGS OF WILLIAM BLAKE. The Nonesuch Press. Robertson Davies Bookplate ++
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The Tree Of Evil By W. G. Gray
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  Wizard magazine - 2007 Mega Movie Issue(Spider-man 3).
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FIFTY SEASONS AT STRATFORD ~ Limited Edition Signed By 6 With Shakespeare Print
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Seinfeld 25th Anniversary Special Edition magazine TV guide Special Edition
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Marilyn Monroe  Photoplay May 1954   Monty Clift  Tab Hunter
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ENIGMAS - 1964 - Harold Town - signed - 88/175 limited edition - rare
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Q Magazine Special Edition 100 Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Photographs back issue
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THE MOTHER'S TRAGEDY ~ Aleister Crowley ~ First Impressions Limited Edition 1992
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MICHAEL CONNELLY COLLECTION ~ Harry Bosch ~ 7 Books All Signed First Editions
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1992 Wizard magazine #11 - NEW sealed.
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1994 Wizard magazine - The Dark Book.
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1996 DC Comic's Batman's Collector's Set w/ FREE Trading Card ISBN 1563892847
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Stephen King: The Non-Fiction- signed & numbered in slipcase (Item C1123,1124)
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OLD COLONY MENNONITES In CANADA - 1875 to 2000 - Plett - Mennonite History Book
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11/22/63- UK Version- signed & # - DVD- in slipcase (C1158,1159,1160,1161)
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X-Ray Book Co 4 / Johnny Brewton / Front Cover Shot by Hunter S. Thompson 94/200
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The Veritable Key of Solomon - Stephen Skinner & David Rankine
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James Dean Magazine  Official Anniversary Book Dell 1956 original
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The Source Magazine October/November 2010 Cover 2of2 Black Eyed Peas Hip Hop USA
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Günter Brus " Der Überblick" (Residenz Verlag) Numbered Art Book, Aktionism
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1992 Wizard magazine Special Edition  SAN DIEGO Comic Con - NEW sealed.
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$39.0 CAD
Charles Bukowski - Crucifix in a Deathhand. Very Nice Copy. Signed with Drawing
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THE BARON CITADEL Deluxe 14 Of 50 Grimoire Three Hands Press Voodoo Demons Magic
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THE LOVE POEMS OF IRVING LAYTON Signed Limited Edition c.1978
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 Marilyn Monroe cover Modern Screen June 1955 James Dean Liz Taylor
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Alternative Press AFI Exclusive Covers #1-4 - LIKE NEW - PLUS BONUS AFI BOOK
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Robert Hobart CUST LIFE OF BENVENUTO CELLINI Navarre Society Sangorski Sutcliffe
$450.0 CAD
The Isiac Tablet Or Bembine Table Of Isis
Buy: $100.0 CAD
Dostoevsky i Pushkin. Parthenon. St.Peterburg 1921. only 1000
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Gargantua and Pantagruel Vol 1&2 - Rabelais - Franklin Library The Great Books
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Collectible Art Book on French Painter Raoul Dufy "Lettre à mon peintre", 1965
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Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield - Franklin Library Leatherbound
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MY PRETTY PONY ~ Stephen King & Babrara Kruger ~ First Editon 1989
$200.0 CAD
TRACK & FIELD NEWS Magazine<>*Vintage*  MAY 1993<>GAIL DEVERS
$14.0 CAD
Manuscriptial Compendium
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John O'Hara ~ Sermons and Soda-Water ~ Signed Limited Edition. Nice Set
$100.0 CAD
THE CONQUEST OF PUERTO RICO ~ Limited Editions Club 1975
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William Wantling / Five Poem Songs / Limited First Edition SC 73/100 1965
$72.0 CAD
Francisco ZUNIGA Book Carlos Francisco Echeverria 1st Edition Limited to 10,000
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DRAWING OF THE THREE ~ Stephen King ~ Dark Tower III ~ Deluxe First Edition 1987
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The Book Of The Mysteries Of The Heavens And The Earth
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The Century's Best Horror Fiction -Vol 2 (Item C898)
$150.0 CAD
The Source Magazine September 2013 Big Sean, Jay-z, Tech N9ne, Robin Thicke, USA
Buy: $9.99 CAD
1957 PICASSO Boeck & Sabartes True Original 1st Edition Print Germany 1/606
$175.0 CAD