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Canadian listed Walter Joseph Phillips(1884 - 1963) RCA
$0.99 CAD
Excellent Signed Original Vintage Abstract Painting " Cows" Signed Framed
$46.4 CAD
Very Vintage New Orleans Nude Abstract Oil on Board Fabulous Piece
$0.01 CAD
Excellent Vintage German Landscape Oil on Canvas Framed Signed FABULOUS
$59.65 CAD
Antique Victorian Lady with Parasol Painting Signed Dated 1896 Framed
$59.65 CAD
Antique Original 1925 Portrait Amazing Superb Frame No Reserve
$46.4 CAD
Modern Home Deco  Natasha Petrosova Original Oil Painting Impressionism 70
$9.28 CAD
Vintage Italian Port Impressionist Landscape Signed Well Framed Lovely Piece
$51.7 CAD
Antique Drawing Painting, 19th Century Landscape, Jacques Alfred Brielman
$920.0 CAD
ORIGINAL LANDSCAPE painting Sedona Arizona Mesas   SOUTH WEST Karen Colville
$300.0 CAD
R.Pranke Painting Sugar Shack In Quebec Canada in Autumn Framed 22 "  x  17"
Buy: $100.0 CAD
canadian listed 2 sketches Clarence Alphonse Gagnon(1881 - 1942) RCA
$0.99 CAD
Framed Watercolour Signed By J. Van Der Hart - Titled "Pines On The Lake"
$40.0 CAD
Buy: $80.0 CAD
Buy: $80.0 CAD
West Wind Spirit - 2013
Buy: $159.99 CAD
Buy: $80.0 CAD
Buy: $100.0 CAD
Original Mount Rainier  Washington Artist Karen Colville
$1000.0 CAD
Celestial Skull original contemporary  urban Karen Colville
$200.0 CAD
Café de Colombia
Buy: $80.0 CAD
Marx Brothers signed & framed lithograph by Lanse
Buy: $200.0 CAD
Red Bird
Buy: $100.0 CAD
16 x 20" Acrylic Painting, Abstract Art, Canadian, Original, Fluid
$15.0 CAD
Buy: $250.0 CAD
Tierra Nueva
Buy: $300.0 CAD
John Nelson Print West Coast Art Unsigned 25x19 Sea Monster Eagle Otter Mask etc
$74.99 CAD
CHENPAT1093 Naked Muscular man portrait handmade paint oil painting art canvas
$67.25 CAD
Framed Handmade Floral Collage (Purple Flowers)
Buy: $35.0 CAD
 Framed,Handmade Floral Collage (Yellow flowers)
Buy: $35.0 CAD
Canadian listed 20 sketches Thomas Sherlock Hodgson(1924  2006) Painters Eleven
$0.99 CAD
John Nelson Print West Coast Art Unsigned 25x19 Sea Monster Eagle Otter Mask etc
$74.99 CAD
1st Edition Acrylic On Canvas Hand Painted Canadian Artist Modern Mixed Media
$200.0 CAD
Still Life Painting, French Vintage Oil on Canvas, Flowers Painting, Circa 1940
$360.0 CAD
Oil Painting Landscape, Village Painting, Vintage Painting, French Artist, Fourt
$490.0 CAD
Vintage Tapestry Framed Wall Decoration, 10.5"x12.5", French Country Design
Buy: $14.0 CAD
Lot of Two Original Paintings, Acrilyc/Waterpaint?, signed by Patti Colmer
Buy: $17.0 CAD
Parrots  oil on canvas signed by artist. 21 x 17
Buy: $30.0 CAD
Landscape Painting, Oil on Canvas, Antique Painting, Painting To be Restored
$960.0 CAD
Couple in field
Buy: $100.0 CAD
$200.0 CAD
Painting---Sharks Mouth
$200.0 CAD
1950 River Painting, French Vintage Landscape, Gouache Artwork - Maurice Verdier
$550.0 CAD
John Nelson Print West Coast Art Unsigned 25x19 Sea Monster Eagle Otter Mask etc
$74.99 CAD
John Nelson Print West Coast Art Unsigned 25x19 Sea Monster Eagle Otter Mask etc
$74.99 CAD
John Nelson Print West Coast Art Unsigned 25x19 Sea Monster Eagle Otter Mask etc
$74.99 CAD
original paintings on canvas
Buy: $300.0 CAD
Modern Painting Original, Contemporary Figurative Art Painting, Dolors Rusiñol
$630.0 CAD
Summer Breeze Sea Boat Natasha Petrosova Original Oil Painting Impressionism 874
$9.28 CAD
White dress Home Deco Natasha Petrosova Original Oil Painting Impressionism 598
$9.28 CAD
11 x 14" Acrylic Painting, Abstract Art, Canadian, Original, Fluid
$15.0 CAD
Vintage Brown Road/Brown Barn Painting Signed "Wagg" - Circa 1977
$30.0 CAD
2 of 2 Painting Oil on Canvas Signed Listed Artist Keiflir 2 OF 2
$250.0 CAD
1of2 ORIGINAL Painting Oil on Canvas Signed Listed Artist Keiflir 1of2PAINTINGS
$250.0 CAD
Gustav Klimt Oil Painting Reproduction - Mountain Slope at Unterach
$10.0 CAD
Vintage Native North American Child Portrait - Signed "A. Smella"
$20.0 CAD
19thC Antique HENRY FENN English Landscape Watercolor Painting, Gilded Oak Frame <br/> "Near Haddon Hall" ... No Reserve!
$8.62 CAD - 4 bids
Pete Rumney Art Original Painting Sunset By The River Handpainted Artwork Signed
$17.25 CAD - 1 bid
Pete Rumney Art Original Painting Moonlight Lane Landscape Artwork Handpainted
$17.25 CAD - 1 bid
 Minotaur Painting
Buy: $50.0 CAD
Cross-Stitch Wall Decor 19" x 14", Framed, 1993, Hand Made
Buy: $11.0 CAD
Vintage San Francisco Chinatown Cable Car Watercolor Painting California Street
$33.13 CAD
Antique Max Schultze Burk German Bavarian Alps Watercolor on Paper 1922
$33.13 CAD
AMELIA PELAEZ antique oil painting abstract Cuban
$1.33 CAD
Italian Sculptor Oresti Dequell 1960's Original Acrylic Painting
Buy: $190.89 CAD
Stephen Willard Palm Springs Desert Oil Painted Photograph A Vale Of Fantasy
$231.98 CAD
$265.13 CAD
Leon Dolice Listed New York City Scene Pastel Signed Framed
$265.12 CAD
Edward Heinrich Gohl (1862-  ), Quiet Beach Before the Fortress, 1891
$131.24 CAD
Vintage Framed Seashells Watercolor Illegible Signature
$33.14 CAD
Luis Cruz Azeceta  - Smoker By The Sea
$649.57 CAD
Original Oil Painting Wren Bird Dogwood Blossoms 8x10" Framed 16x18" H. Robison
$46.38 CAD
Mid Century Air Brush Watercolor Painting Signed Guild Pink Flowers Glass Frame
$132.5 CAD
Fine Old Lanscape in Elaborate Gold Frame
$66.28 CAD
Unique Rare original Pastel painting signed Pierre Auguste Renoir
$192.22 CAD
Dream-art Oil painting seascape great ocean waves rock before storm hand painted
$96.76 CAD
Dream-art Oil painting seascape big sail boats - Sailing on ocean canvas art 36"
$96.76 CAD
Saskatchewan Canada Artist "Norma Hymers" Misty Monday Morning Original Painting
$45.0 CAD
Highwaymen Style Florida Landscape River Painting Original Signed S Prather
$53.01 CAD
Original Acrylic Painting
Buy: $35.5 CAD
J Magnani Floral Red Poppies on a brilliant green field mid century oil painting
$132.56 CAD
Antique W/C Landscape Painting WILLIAM (W.H.W) BICKNELL - Listed Massachusetts
$125.94 CAD
B. Newman Painting 1980
Buy: $250.0 CAD
1912 Clarence Rowe Oil on Canvas "Rocky Coast" Book Illustration
$1988.47 CAD
CHENPAT1014 A naked man portrait with a twisted head oil painting art on canvas
$66.12 CAD
$318.16 CAD
Huge Oil painting Peder Monsted forest stream wonderful landscape in dusk canvas
$96.76 CAD
Vintage 1965 Mid Century Modern My Dream Oil pianting on Board Signed Wald
$92.78 CAD
Vintage 1955 iI N Riffle Original Oil Painting Board Winter Afternoon Masontown
$86.15 CAD
ANDRE DLUHOS ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING Still Life Fruit Wine Flowers Table Food
$563.4 CAD
Meiersdorff New Orleans 1976 Watercolor painting lithograph Jazz Musicians (Z14)
$76.22 CAD
LMOP908 modern abstract hold Violin girl figures hand art oil painting on canvas
$62.01 CAD
 Original oil painting, Animals, Cat, GREY IN DARK 8x10" Schelp
Buy: $86.17 CAD
11x14 acrylic painting titled "Frosty Summer Morning" (global warming)
Buy: $40.0 CAD
Large ORIGINAL new signed watercolour ART painting Highland Cow gift idea
$34.49 CAD
$517.0 CAD
VTG 1966 Painting Original SIGNED Scenic Lake Landscape Oak Framed Art
$37.12 CAD
Vintage Original Stevens Small Oil Painting On Canvas Seascape Rustic Wood Frame
$90.13 CAD
Matt Scalf Acrylic Canvas 11x14 ORIGINAL PAINTING Elephant Abstract Colorful Art
$82.85 CAD
1920  Portrait of a Woman, oil painting, Joseph Oppenheimer (1876 - 1966)
$1590.78 CAD