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Vintage Polly Finders NWT DS Navy Floral Print Lace Trim Square Bib Dress 2T
$43.99 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Girls 6X Dress Blue Green Plaid Long Sleeve
$51.14 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Red Blue Check Plaid Hand Smocked Dress Girl's Size 8
$42.61 CAD
VTG Polly Flinders Little Girl 6 White Cotton Blend Smocked Short Sleeve Dress
$59.89 CAD
HEIRLOOMS by POLLY FLINDERS Size 0-3 Months Pink Long Sleeve Tops ~ Shirt
$8.5 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders Smocked Blue Check Pinafore Floral Long Sleeve Dress sz 5
$42.61 CAD
vintage POLLY FLINDERS Sz 6 Green Purple Plaid Hand Smocked l/s Dress Lace Trim
$39.77 CAD
vintage Girls Polly Flinders Christmas Dress Red Velvet Reindeer Smocked Sz 12M
Buy: $29.99 CAD
Polly Flinders Girls Size 5 Vintage Smocked DRESS White Blue Pink Lace Trim
$61.08 CAD
Polly Flinders Girls Dress 5 Long Sleeve Ruffles Lace Pink Vintage Made USA
$35.51 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Girls Hand Smocked Dress Blue Size 8
$35.45 CAD
Vintage POLLY FLINDERS Girls Youth Dress 10 Blue White Short Sleeve Gold Button
$44.53 CAD
Vintage Baby Girl Smocked Polly Flinders Floral Dress 6-12 Months
$35.52 CAD
Polly Flinders Smocked Dress 3T Cream Red Confetti Sailor Bow Long Sleeve Party
$48.31 CAD
Vintage 90s Polly Flinders Girls Dress Size 12 Blue Green Floral Collar Party
$35.51 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Red Smocked Dress Embroidered Lace Collar Size 8
$42.61 CAD
NWT New Polly Flinders Green Linen Dress Lined Set with Purse Girls Size 6
Buy: $20.5 CAD
Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Girls Dress Navy Long Sleeve 4T Vintage
$51.11 CAD
Polly Flinders Girls Dress Pink Red Floral Print 3T EUC Summer Sundress
Buy: $35.52 CAD
POLLY FLINDERS Size 6X Multi-Color Floral Sleeveless Blouse Tops
$7.5 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Dress Red Smocked 5T 6 Long Sleeves Tie Waist Embroidered
$35.45 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Smocked Dress Red White Polka Dot Flowers 6-12 Months
$35.51 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Dress Size 6 Pink Hand Smocked Shortsleeve
$55.34 CAD
Polly Flinders Girls Pink Coat & Floral Dress Easter Set Size 2 Toddler
$35.51 CAD
Polly Flinders Girls Size 5 Dress Vintage Smocked Party VGUC
$71.05 CAD
Vintage Girls Dress Size 6X Polly Flinders Blue White Chambry Ruffles Drop Waist
Buy: $51.15 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Navy Dress Size 5 Girls Long Sleeve Flowers
$29.26 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Mod Groovy Yellow Blue Pink Floral Smocked Toddler Dress
$78.15 CAD
Polly Flinders Size 6 Child Dress Hand Smocked NEW with TAGS
$99.45 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Girl's 6x Smocked Dress Spring Floral Dress
$32.67 CAD
Vintage Girls 6X Polly Flinders Red -Pure white Smocked Pinafore Dress Set -Wow!
$71.05 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Navy Long Sleeve Hand Smocked Girls Dress Lace Sz 6x
$49.58 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Dress White Purple Lace Sz 6-12 Months
Buy: $42.61 CAD
Pink Polly Flinders Dress Hand Smocked Lace Floral Ribbon vintage 12 month 1T
$28.4 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Dress Sz 6x Pink Blue Floral Double Collar Spring Easter
Buy: $56.84 CAD
Polly Flinders Baby Girls 6 Months Pink Floral Lace Trim Smocked Vintage Dress
$90.58 CAD
Vintage 1950's Polly Flinders Yellow Smocked Baby Dress 12M (fits 3-6 Months)
$35.51 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Dress Sz 6 Pink Flower Smocking Double Collar Spring
Buy: $53.99 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders 100% Cotton Hand Smocked Girls Dress Red Print - Sz. 10
$31.97 CAD
Vintage Girls Party Dress Polly Flinders  White Lace LS  Sz 6X Long Lace Sleeves
$42.61 CAD
Polly Flinders Dress Smocked Shortsleeve Size 18 Months Floral
$22.66 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Smocked Girls Dress Size 7 1970s
$25.58 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders Girls 6 Smocked Blue Pink Floral Tie Back Long Sleeve Dress
$41.77 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Red Green White Hand Smocked Girl Dress size 6X
$29.8 CAD
Set Of 3 Vintage Baby Girl Party Dresses 6-12 Mos Smock Ruffle Red Velvet Floral
$83.82 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Smocked Christmas Toddler Dress Red Sash Lace Tie Sz 5
$39.15 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders Baby Girl Smocked Dress 3 to 9 Mos Blue Lace Trim Puff Sleeve
$24.82 CAD
Polly Flinders Smocked Dress Sz 3T 2 pc with Slip Lace Collar Vintage Plaid
$35.52 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Smocked Floral Girls Dress Size 6 Blue Pink Short Sleeve
Buy: $39.79 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Green Christmas Dress Hand Smocked Size 2T 24 months
$35.52 CAD
ADORABLE Girls VTG 1960s 60s Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Pink/White  dress 3T
$40.48 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders Smocked Dress 2T Blue Red Flowers Pleated Long Sleeve Party
$21.24 CAD
Vintage Girls Dress Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Dress Size 5 navy blue red rose
Buy: $35.51 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders Pink Polka Dress Girls Sz 6 Rosette White Lace Smocking Party
Buy: $71.03 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Size 3 T Red Hand Smocked Dress Collar Detail Long Sleeve
$38.36 CAD
Buy: $32.68 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Dress Size 7
$35.52 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Dress Multi Color Floral Size 14 Made In USA
$38.35 CAD
POLLY FLINDERS Strawberry Print DRESS Size 18 Months
$26.98 CAD
Polly Flinders Girl's Eyelet Dress Size 14 Blue White Zipper Back vintage 1980s
$35.52 CAD
Vintage Girls Polly Flinders - Blue / Pink Hand Smocked Dress - size 5
$42.56 CAD
1950's VINTAGE POLLY FLINDERS Size 5 Dress Top Hand Smocked Crochet Lace Floral
$85.24 CAD
VTG 80s Polly Flinders Blue Calico Flower Smocked Dress sz 4 Floral White Square
$56.84 CAD
Vintage POLLY FLINDERS Toddler Girl Dress Jacket T2 Purple Pinstripe Pleated
$33.73 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Girl Toddler Dress Polka Dot Pink White Lace Smocked
$35.51 CAD
$71.03 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Smocked Dress With Tag Sz 4T
Buy: $35.52 CAD
Vintage NEW  4T  Girls Polly Flinders Polly Friends Blue White Floral  Dress EXC
$42.63 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Baby Jacket White 12 Months Blue Trim Collar Smocked Vtg
$21.3 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Baby Girl 3-6-9 White Baptism Christening Smocked Gown
$63.93 CAD
Vintage Rare Cat Print Polly Flinders Dress Size 3 60s
Buy: $38.35 CAD
Vintage 50s Child Polly Flinders Teal Smocked Semi Sheer Dress Size 8
Buy: $42.63 CAD
VTG Girls Polly Flinders 6 Size Pink White Green Floral Design Long Sleeve Dress
$69.62 CAD
Vintage Girls Party Dress Polly Flinders Smocked White  3T Petticoat Roses
$99.46 CAD
VTG Girls 7 Polly Flinders Dress Embroidered 80s 70s Red Calico Cotton Smocked
$56.82 CAD
Heirlooms by Polly Flinders LS Drop Waist Sparkle Red Sweater Dress, S (7-8 yrs)
$35.51 CAD
POLLY FLINDERS Vintage Red Floral Lace Velvet Collar Girls Dress Size 10
$68.2 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Gingham Dress w/ Belt 70's Deadstock Girls 7 Rockabilly
$69.62 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Hand Smocked Dress Size 7 Pink Short Sleeve Spring Easter
$49.72 CAD
NWOT POLLY FLINDERS Aqua Green Pink Roses Sun Dress 4T 4 Garden Party Portraits
$41.19 CAD
Vtg Polly Flinders? Dress 3t Baby Girl Pink Floral Party Calico Prairie Collar
$29.65 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Size 7 Dress Christmas Red Velveteen Hand Embroidered
$42.61 CAD
Polly Flinders 6X mint green smocked dress Vintage Girls
$49.72 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Girls Dress Size 8 - Smocked Blue Green Long Sleeve
Buy: $85.24 CAD
Polly Flinders Size T3 3T Green Hand Smocked Long Sleeve Dress
$35.51 CAD
 Vintage Polly Flinders Toddler Girls pink smocked, dress size 4T
$17.05 CAD
Polly Flinders ADORABLE PINK Hand smocked Vintage Dress 1981
$38.29 CAD
Vintage  1980's Girls Size 6 POLLY FLINDERS Hand-Smocked Dress - Grey
Buy: $56.81 CAD
Vintage POLLY FLINDERS Baby Toddler Girl Dress 3T Anchor Nautical Smocked Back
$72.88 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Dress Girls Size 6 Pink Plaid Embroidered Scallop Collar
$56.82 CAD
Vintage Girls 'Polly Flinders' Hand Smocked Dress Sz 12 Months Yellow Floral
$35.51 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Dress Red/Green/Blue Sz 4 Sash Tie Waist EUC
Buy: $28.67 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked  Christmas   Holiday dress sz 5
$42.61 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Polka Dot Light Blue Smocked Long Sleeve Top, 18 mos.
$18.46 CAD
Polly Flinders Vintage Smocked Pink Floral Dress Girls Sz 8
$52.56 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Hand Smocked Dress Baby Girls Pink 12 Months Crochet Trim
$28.4 CAD
VTG Polly Flinders Pink Dress Hand Smocked Girls 6 Pretty Floral
$35.32 CAD
POLLY FLINDERS Girls Size 2T Floral Dress 100% Cotton Built in Slip Sleeveless
$25.49 CAD
Vintage Polly Flinders Navy Blue White Smocked Dot Vintage Dress Girls Size 8
Buy: $39.79 CAD
1950s Dress Hand Smocked Plaid Checkered Pink POLLY FLINDER Collar Full Skirt 2T
$63.93 CAD