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National Geographic, May 1929
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling (2003, Hardcover)
$14.99 CAD
Barbara Gibbs Poems Written In Berlin 1959 151/526 Banyan Press #Beat Generation
$42.75 CAD
HIGGINS, Marguerite - WAR IN KOREA  Lion, 1952
$25.0 CAD
Poetry Lot Ishmael Reed Hart Crane E.E. Cummings, R. Lowell, J. Dickey, T. Hardy
$38.75 CAD
Richard Brautigan Loading Mercury With A Pitchfork 1st Printing PB 1976 #June 30
$44.5 CAD
Diane di Prima Lot Dinners And Nightmares, Selected Poems 1956-75 #Kerouac #Beat
$43.5 CAD
Margaret Atwood Selected Poems 1966-1984 Oxford University Press 1990
$5.5 CAD
[PDF] Medical Medium Liver Rescue by Anthony William  📧⚡Fast Delivery⚡📧 eB00k
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Antonin Artaud Anthology 2nd Printing 1970 City Lights #Jack Kerouac #Beat Gen.
$35.0 CAD
Octavio Paz Lot Early Poems 1935-1955 & Configurations #Surreaism #Nobel #Mexico
$35.0 CAD
Ezra Pound Lot Confucius Cantos Letters 1907-41 Selected Poems #Beat #Ginsberg
$45.0 CAD
Jack Kerouac Chicago Review San Fran. Poets Spring 1958 #Big Table #On The Road
$58.75 CAD
Hamilton Beach Food Mixer Instructions & Tested Recipes 1948 Cooking Collectible
$12.0 CAD
Audience 2 Spring 1958 Ruth Whitman George Starbuck Clark Claus Abt (Signed)
$41.25 CAD
William Carlos Williams Lot Selected Poems Pictures from Brueghel #AllenGinsberg
$35.0 CAD
Poetry Lot William Blake Dylan Thomas Beowolf Stephen Spender TS Eliot + 5 more
$55.0 CAD
Robert Creeley Lot A Quick Graph Essays, Words Poems 1970 #Ginsberg #Olson #Dorn
$35.95 CAD
City Lights Pocket Poets lot 1,2,3,4 All Early Printings Ferlinghetti Ginsberg +
$245.0 CAD
Clayton Eshleman Lot Gull Wall Walks Alters Pitch Blende Gospel Celine #Snyder
$70.0 CAD
BARGAIN IN BLOOD. Paperback – 1951 Pulp Novel
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Charles Bukowski Post Office 31st Printing 1995  Black Sparrow Press #Erections
$47.25 CAD
Big Table #4 1960 Burroughs Ginsberg Lamantia Corso O'Hara Carroll Koch + #Beat
$45.25 CAD
Ebony Bookmark Chinese Style Gift Book Reading Collectible Wood Book Mark 1x Set
$28.07 CAD
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Lot Coney Island, Tyrannus Nix, Open Eye Open Heart #Beat
$52.75 CAD
Allen Ginsberg Howl 4th Printing 1957 City Lights Books #Jack Kerouac #Burroughs
$67.5 CAD
James Joyce Anna Livia Plurabelle Fragment 3rd Pr. 1930 Criterion Miscellany #15
$52.75 CAD
Lot of 27 Vintage Edgar Rice Burroughs Ace Paperbacks Tarzan Mars Fantasy Sci-Fi
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Jack Kerouac Poetry Lot Scattered Poems, 3 Haikus Postcard, Trip Trap #OnTheRoad
$112.5 CAD
City Lights Books Pocket Poets lot #1,2,3,4 *All Later Printings #SF #Beat #Howl
$76.75 CAD
Jack Kerouac Lot The Subterraneans, PIC, Satori In Paris #On The Road # Beat Gen
$50.0 CAD
Evergreen Review Vol. 4 Issue.13 What is Pataphysics?  #Scarce #Imaginary Realm
$46.75 CAD
Richard Brautigan Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt 1st Printing 1970 #Abortion
$56.75 CAD
OWL'S WATCH George Brandon Saul Paperback Book 1965 Horror Short Stories
$9.38 CAD
Human Psychology. 3 Book Set. Pelican Books Paperbacks
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Charlie Brown's All Stars Peanuts Full Color Paperback Book VTG 1966  Schulz
$14.99 CAD
Agatha Christie Mystery vintage paperback 4 book lot
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Richard Brautigan Lot Confederate Gen Hawkline Monster Watermelon Sug. #Abortion
$61.25 CAD
A5 PU Leather Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner with Buckle
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Philip Lamantia Selected Poems 1943-66 1st Printing City Lights 1967 #Surreal
$76.25 CAD
Witches' Sabbath Supernatural Occult Black Magic 1969 Sachs Out Of Print Rare!
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Charles Bukowski Post Office 21st Printing 1989 PB Black Sparrow Press #Notes
$52.5 CAD
Twilight Women, Vintage Sleaze Paperback,  Les Scott 1952 Good Girl Art
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A5 Business Leather Cover Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner
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Vegetable Cook Book McFayden Seed Co
$20.0 CAD
Gary Snyder Lot RipRap, Cold Mountain Myths & Texts Old Ways #Jack Kerouac #Beat
$56.5 CAD
The Simple Solution To Rubiks Cube Vintage Bantam Booklet Book
$12.0 CAD
4 Pack Chinese Style Bookmark Carved Wooden Bool Mark Student Book Reading Gifts
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Evergreen Review LOT 8,11 Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg William Burroughs #BeatGen
$54.75 CAD
Penguin Modern Poets Lot #13,14,16 Charles Bukowski Lamantia Norse Tomlinson ++
$60.0 CAD
City Lights Books Pocket Poets lot #7,8,9 Kora In Hell, Gasoline/Vestal, Paroles
$65.0 CAD
Lot of DC Pocket-Sized Comic Books
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Lot of Star Trek Fotonovel books plus a Star Trek II Photostory book
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A5 Retro Leather Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner Pen Clip
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1 Pair Metal Bookmarks Chinese Style Retro Art Book Mark Student Reading Gift
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Black Metal Bookmark Chinese Creative Book Mark Student Reading Gift with Tassel
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Vintage Book, The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece by Erle Stanley Gardner (1953)
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Fashion Wooden Bookmark Chinese Style Creative Gift Ornaments for Book Reading
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Wooden Bookmarks Chinese Style Creative Book Mark for Book Reading Gift 1x Pair
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Golden Guide BIRDS Vtg 1956 RARE Color Pocket Book Retro PICS
$9.46 CAD
1Pair Wood Bookmark Chinese Zither Style Creative Love Gift Book Reading Fashion
$30.51 CAD
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U.S.Elite Forces-Vietnam. Combat Troops No.7 Squadron/Signal Publications!!
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A5 PU Leather Cover Vintage with Lock Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner
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Kraft What's Cooking Magazine 10th Issue 1994 Collectible Festive Recipes
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The Empty Bed, Vintage Sleaze Paperback, 1963 Louis Lorraine
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PUBLIC TELEVISION. A Program For Action.  Bantam PZ3552, 1967  PBO
$25.0 CAD
Golden Guide FISHING Vtg 1965 RARE Color Pocket Book Retro PICS
$16.16 CAD
Poetry Lot Philip Levine Jim Daniels Stephen Sandy  Judith Minty Wendell Berry
$31.0 CAD
Donald Finkel Lot - Simeon, Answer Back Atheneum Pr. 1st Ed. #Unorthodox Prose
$35.25 CAD
Kenneth Irby Relation 1st Ed. 1970 Black Sparrow #Black Mountain #Robert Creeley
$32.75 CAD
Lot of 8 Vintage Soft Erotica Sex Intamacy paperback Adult books 1950s & 1960s
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Harold Pinter  - The Homecoming - Methuen & Co Paperback- UK
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Robert Bly Teeth Mother Naked At Last 1st Ed.1970 City Lights Books #Deep Image
$92.5 CAD
Stan Barstow Lot Of 3 Vintage Paperbacks - Penguin/Corgi
$9.99 CAD
Why Shoot The Teacher Movie Tie In 1979 Bud Cort Samantha Eggar Braithwaite Rare
Buy: $20.0 CAD
Robert Kelly Lot - A California Journal 1969, Alpha 1967 #Deep Image Group #Beat
$32.5 CAD
MARCOTTE, Paul J. - QUEBEC REVISITED And Other Poems. Ltd. Edn. - 353/1000
$25.0 CAD
Vintage Notebook Personal Diary Journals With Lock Writing Password Journal
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Dennis Wheatley 8 Books The Devil Supernatural Occult Collection UK Edition Rare
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Special Soul-Stirring Gospel Songs No15 Martin and Morris Music 1949 Collectible
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Kenneth Rexroth Lot Longer Poems, Alt. Society, 100 Poems Chinese #Kerouac #Beat
$36.75 CAD
PU Leather Cover Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner with Buckle
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A5 Flower PU Leather Cover Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner
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Leather Cover Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner Phone Pocket
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Frank Yerby  ***  THE DEVIL's LAUGHTER *** Cardinal C-142  Violent Cover 1st
Buy: $9.95 CAD
AXELROD, George - BEGGAR'S CHOICE  Bantam 403, 1948
$25.0 CAD
Hal Clement - Needle - Avon Paperback 1979
Buy: $13.4 CAD
Sci-Fi paperback lot (27 books) Science Fiction 1980s+ Gibson, Clement, Rucker
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4Slash by Slash and Anthony Bozza (2008, Paperback)
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Issac Asimov’s Robot City Book 2 Suspicion Mike Mcquay Paperback 1987 Ace Novel
$26.25 CAD
Brass Metal Bookmark Lotus Bract Chinese Style with Tassel for Book Reading Gift
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ROMANET, J.R. - WOMEN A-Z  Macfadden, 1964
$25.0 CAD
Cross Quote Embossed Leather Red Cover Notebook Diary with Padlock,Gift for Girl
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The Hobbitt by J.R.R. Tolkien Unwin Hyman Limited 1988 Reprint
$4.5 CAD
Four in a Bed by Duane Davis Sleaze GGA Vintage Paperback
$21.46 CAD
Ernest Hemingway / A Farewell to Arms / First Paperback Edition SC 1949 Sharp
$50.0 CAD
Ernest Hemingway / The Sun Also Rises / First Paperback Edition SC 1949 Sharp
$50.0 CAD
William Burroughs Junkie Olympia Press 1966 #NakedLunch #Kerouac #Ginsberg #Beat
$100.0 CAD
The Rolling Stones in Europe Vintage PB Book by Kamin/Karnbach Musson Publishing
$25.5 CAD