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CASIO SF-R10/20 Lucid Software & Manuals
$20.0 CAD
Lifeview Flypresenter 702215801020 - PDA to projector/display device interface
Buy: $161.99 CAD
HP iPAQ Navigation System - Bluetooth GPS receiver for pocket pc
$44.99 CAD
Share A Watt  (stocked in Canada, no customs/broker fees)
Buy: $20.0 CAD
MagTek 21040108 MagTek Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Reader - Triple Track - 50 in/ <br/> Orders above per customer quantity limit will be voided
Buy: $72.5 CAD
Palm  Tungsten T and T2 Hard Case P10897U - NEW & SEALED
$39.95 CAD
PDA Personal Digital Pocket Organizer Handheld Royal eNovaPlus Organizer
$9.99 CAD
HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld PDA/Pocket PC , Personal Organizer
Buy: $100.0 CAD
Palm 180-0711B PLM05A-050 AC Power Supply Adapter AC 120 V to DC 5V 1A 5.5mm
Buy: $24.95 CAD
Gefen DVI KVM HDBaseT 2.0 Extender ?w/ RS-232 and 2-Way Audio???
Buy: $728.99 CAD
Samsung EE-V100TABEGWW Universal Vehicle Dock Car Mount for 7" To 8" Devices
$60.31 CAD
Sony PEGA-UC600 USB Cradle for Clie PEG-T/SL/SJ Series with AC Adapter
$29.0 CAD
3-pack STYLUS KIT for HP iPAQ 900 Series FA932AA#AC3 Hewlett-Packard NEW
Buy: $38.99 CAD
MEI INTERNATIONAL AC ADAPTER   (5.0V ~ 1000MA) 180-0711 - MADA-3025-PS
$10.0 CAD
Buy: $99.95 CAD
Palm Handspring USB Hotsync  & Charge Cable  Treo 270, 300, 600
Buy: $6.0 CAD
New HP Universal AutoSync iPAQ USB Serial Cable FA122A#AC3 250177-B21
Buy: $13.4 CAD
ExoGear ExoMount 3 Suction Cup Car Mount Holder for iPhone 7 6 6s Plus 5 5s SE
$46.9 CAD
New HP Cadle USB + Foldable Keyboard For IPAQ Pocket PC H5000 H3900 H3800 Series
Buy: $45.0 CAD
90pcs 18650 Batteries inverter 12V/14.6V/18V Li battery Case Power Bank
Buy: $53.58 CAD
RARE - IBM WorkPad z50 Cradle
Buy: $40.24 CAD
HP AutoSync iPAQ USB Serial Cable (250177-B21)
Buy: $28.18 CAD
Sony Pega-St60 for PEG-NR, PEG-t series
Buy: $46.96 CAD
DAP MicroFlex 2240X 2240 Battery Power Boot
$132.84 CAD
New for 13" MacBook Pro A1278 A1286 Trackpad Touchpad 2009-2012 No cable
Buy: $59.99 CAD
Palm Pilot Docking Station/Cradle with AC Adapter/Charger
$40.24 CAD
Trimble TSC3 Ultra-Clear Screen Protector Film, For Film-Glass Screens - 15-Pack
$40.19 CAD
hp ipaq extended battery for hx2000 series - 3rd party
Buy: $53.6 CAD
HP Ipaq Cradle Kit USB Charge And Sync Your Ipaq Hx4700 Hx2000 Rx3000 BRAND NEW
$34.31 CAD
$51.62 CAD
NEW Sony CLIE PEGA CA32 Handheld PDA Carrying Case
$33.53 CAD
Palm One Tungsten & Zire Wi-Fi Card 406-10261-01  ~!~ NEW ~!!~ FREE SHIPPING ~!~
$38.9 CAD
Epoch RG174A Antenna Cable Wurth Electronics Inc 74271142
$31.92 CAD
2 - Compaq 170338-B22 PC Card Expansion Pack & Desktop Cradle for IPAQ Pocket PC
$73.09 CAD
Buy: $49.95 CAD
Trimble / Spectra TSC7 Stylus Touch Screen Pen & Tether Kit
$52.33 CAD
NEW! Personal Finance Palm PDA Software Rich Dad Poor Dad Series NIB!
$21.46 CAD
HP Slimline Leather Holster Case iPaq H1900 H2200 H4100 RX1900 110 Series
$46.95 CAD
Palm PalmPak Dictionary Thesaurus Card 2001 For m500 Series New Made in USA
$26.82 CAD
Brand NEW - Lot of 2 - Palmone Tungsten and Zire WiFi Cards 406-10261-01 #14835
Buy: $53.66 CAD
5.8 inch C058GW01 V0 Lcd Screen Display Panel Original
$119.15 CAD
Palmtop Expense Manager Software for Psion Series 5 (70505-010)
Buy: $134.17 CAD
Oscilloquartz 4530 Compact GPS & GPS-less Synchronization Receiver and Re-Timer
$375.69 CAD
Buy: $134.18 CAD
Original 5.5 inch For NEC NL3224AC35-06 Lcd Screen Display Panel 320*240
$162.09 CAD
Extended Battery for hp ipaq  e200 series
Buy: $67.08 CAD
Original Motorola Zebra MC9090 MC9190 43-Key Keypad Keyboard 21-79677-01
$80.48 CAD
Socket Type 1 Compactflash Card Bluetooth Connection Kit (8510-00159F)
Buy: $134.17 CAD
Adonit Pro 3 Stylus Fine Point Pen Pro3 Iphone Touchscreens iOS Android Black PS
$37.56 CAD
Fellowes Stowaya XT Portable Keyboard w manuals & Palm OS discs! Sony CLIE PDAs
$50.83 CAD
5" inch LQ050T5DG01 LQ050T5DG02 For Car Navigation LCD Display With Touch Screen
$132.84 CAD
Genuine iPAQ hx2000 rx3000 battery 1440mAH
Buy: $40.12 CAD
Juniper Geode Smartphone / Mobile Computer Adapter Tray Kit
$88.56 CAD
Bluebird Pidion CRA-6000 for BIP 6000 Cradle (Option with Power Supply)
$33.53 CAD
Hoka One One Bondi 6 Purple/Pink Running Shoes Women's US 6.5 Wide (J)
$79.78 CAD
10x Sync & Charge Palm M500 Series Cable (98380)
Buy: $134.17 CAD
PalmOne PalmPak Language Translator Card (m125, m130, i705 & m500 series)
Buy: $40.24 CAD
Bluebird Pidion CRA-6000 for BIP 6000 Cradle (Option with Power Supply)
$33.53 CAD
HP Photosmart 1.3MP Mobile Camera for iPaq with SDIO Slot (FA185A#AC3)
$234.81 CAD
 Tapwave Zodiac "Collateral Package" with CD
Buy: $53.67 CAD
Javad Victor PDA Field PC Li-Ion Battery Pack
$143.57 CAD
Hewlett Packard Jornada 680/690/710/720/728 Stylus Pen 2-Pack
$40.24 CAD
Color LCD Display for Motorola Zebra Symbol MC9090 MC9090-G VGA LS037V7DW03C
$73.79 CAD
IBM WorkPad - Palm Cumputing Platform
$40.24 CAD
Buy: $69.2 CAD
adonit pixel - pressure sensitive stylus- Bluetooth -
$108.67 CAD
Original KCI-13-01 KCI1301 IM3706A KYOCERA Lcd Inverter Borad
$108.15 CAD
Original 10.4inch For SHARP LQ10D368 LCD Display Screen Panel 640*480
$97.95 CAD
HP Ipaq H2200 UNTESTED In Open Box With Accessories And Original Packaging
$127.47 CAD
NEW Sharp Sports Locker GG-30 Personal Electronic Organizer,Stats Lap Timer Etc.
$53.67 CAD
HP iPAQ CompactFlash Card Expansion Pack 170339-B22 Pocket H5000, H3900, H3800,
Buy: $64.12 CAD
HP Ipaq H5150 H 5150 New In Box With Accessories
$198.59 CAD
 Compaq Universal AutoSync iPAQ USB Serial Cable (250177-B21)
$20.11 CAD
PalmConnect USB Kit (m100, III, V, VII Series) - Sealed, Brand New
Buy: $33.53 CAD
Buy: $42.47 CAD
NEW Vintage SHARP Wizard CE-61T Docking Cradle with Booklets & Software !!
$53.66 CAD
Original 10.4inch For TOSHIBA LTM10C209 LTM10C209H LTM10C209A Lcd Screen Display
$70.85 CAD
PalmOne Tungsten Slim Leather Case PDA for E2/E/Zire Series (P10985U)
Buy: $40.25 CAD
Original 4inch For TOSHIBA LTM04C380K Lcd Screen Display Panel 640*480
$93.93 CAD
TDS Trimble Nomad SERIAL (RS-232) Connection Boot Bottom Module
$107.28 CAD
Gray Replacement Flip Cover for Palm Tungsten T3 PDA - Original OEM PalmOne USA
Buy: $29.52 CAD
Topcon FC- 236 FC-25 Sokkia SCH-236 Getac PS-236 Touch Screen Digitizer
$32.2 CAD
Socket FlexGuard MC35 + 3M Case for Symbol MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant
Buy: $10.72 CAD
Proper use simple family events Fukusa (japan import)
Buy: $39.43 CAD
Palm Napa Leather Pouch for Palm Treo
Buy: $33.68 CAD
LQ058T5GG03 LQ058T5GG06 LCD Display Screen Panel Original
$308.75 CAD
Archos 3200 Additional TV Docking Pod Replacement Station ONLY NO ADAPTER
$67.08 CAD
Trimble Juno T41 Spare USB Communication Cable
$66.08 CAD
Original 8.4 inch NL6448BC26-08D Lcd Screen Display Panel 640*480 NL6448BC26 08D
$178.46 CAD
Original 15 inch For SHARP LQ150X1DG11 Lcd Display Screen Panel 1024*768
$88.56 CAD
Original 12.3 inch For SHARP LQ123K1LG03 Lcd Screen Display Panel 1280*480
$141.96 CAD
Sony PEGA-MSC1 Memory Stick Camera Module for Clie PEG-N/NR/T/SL/SJ Series
Buy: $174.42 CAD
Original For LG 6.4 inch LP064V1 Lcd Screen Display Panel
$80.51 CAD
ViewSonic ViewPad 100 Cradle - Docking Station (VSMW23057-1M)
$173.09 CAD
Original 5.7inch For SHARP LM057QC1T08 LM057QC1T01 Lcd Screen Display Panel
$68.16 CAD
1293 MACK Diamond Notebook Warranty 3 Years up to $300
$100.98 CAD
Trimble TSC3 Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film, For Glass-Glass Screens - 5-Pack
$45.55 CAD
(4) 2-packs TDS Recon Spectra Recon Javoedge Ultra Clear Screen Protectors
$42.94 CAD
Sony Clie PEGA-WL110 Wireless Network LAN Adapter card with case for PDA RARE
$45.61 CAD
CXA-0375 PCU-P160A For TDK LCD Inverter Board CXA0375 PCUP160A
$145.99 CAD