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Mamiya 645 Pro TL Medium Format Body Only "As is"
Buy: $180.0 CAD
Mamiya C220 with 135mm f3.5 WLF and Porroflex TESTED WITH FILM
Buy: $375.0 CAD
Mamiya NC1000
$30.0 CAD
Mamiya RB67 Professional S body with std. focus screen and waist level finder
$135.16 CAD
Mamiya RB67 Pro SLR Film Camera SEKOR 127mm w/ Strap, Hood
$260.57 CAD
Mamiya M Auto Focus Lens Sekor 38mm 2.8   (Réf#B-102)
$72.23 CAD
Mamiya 645 Pro Body SEKOR C 80mm f/2.8N AE finder Very Good Condition #85776
$473.04 CAD
Mamiya Press / Mamiya-Sekor 90mm f/3.5 from Japan[EXCELLENT](755)
Buy: $189.2 CAD
[Exc++++] MAMIYA RB67 Professional w/ 65mm F4.5 From Japan #256
$283.69 CAD
Mamiya RB67 Pro Medium Format Film Camera with NB 127 mm lens from JAPAN
$213.21 CAD
Mamiya Sekor 50mm f2.8 Prime Vintage Lens With M42 Mount
Buy: $49.99 CAD
Mamiya / Sekor auto XTL film camera + 90-230mm f/4.5 zoom lens
Buy: $300.0 CAD
Auto Mamiya Sekor 135mm f2.8 Lens
Buy: $80.0 CAD
Mamiya Universal Press Super 23 100mm F3.5 Lens 6x9 Film Back w/ Shutter Grip
$350.05 CAD
[Near Mint] Mamiya M645 w/ 120 Film Holder, Sekor C 80mm, Case from Japan
$297.34 CAD
Mamiya 6 Body w/ G 75mm f/3.5 Lens (Vertical calibration issue)
Buy: $1621.86 CAD
Mamiya M645 Medium Format Sekor C 80mm f/2.8 from Japan #3296
$270.17 CAD
【RARE EXC++】Mamiya 6 AUTO MAT 6x6 Rangefinder Camera Mamiya Six from Japan 271Y
$378.3 CAD
[Exc++++] Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Medium Format Film Camera 120 Film Back from Japan
$267.61 CAD
Mamiya 6 KⅡSEKOR S 1:3.5 F=7.5cm
Buy: $168.94 CAD
Mamiya M645 Medium Format Camera w/ Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f/2.8 Lens
$270.3 CAD
Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya-Sekor 100mm f/2.8 from Japan[EXCELLENT++](706)
Buy: $662.25 CAD
MAMIYA 1000 DTL 35mm SLR Film CAMERA w/ 55mm f2.8 SEKOR LENS ~ EX & Working
$67.51 CAD
Very good++ Mamiya M645 1000S Medium Format Camera w/ Sekor C 150mm F/4 Lens
$358.23 CAD
Mamiya C330 F Professional Medium Format TLR Film Camera with 80mm f2.8 lens
Buy: $836.61 CAD
VINTAGE Rare MAMIYA 35 MAMIYA-SEKOR F.C. 1: 1.9 f = 4.8cm From Tokyo japan #901
$79.74 CAD
Mamiya C220 Medium Format TLR Film Camera with 80mm f2.5 Lens 342-101117
$297.34 CAD
Mamiya C330 Professional TLR Medium Format w/ 80mm f/2.8 Lens & CDS Viewfinder
$432.48 CAD
Mamiya 645 45mm f/2.8 Lens
$81.09 CAD - 1 bid
Mamiya Universal Press with Polaroid instant Back, Sekor P 127mm f4.7 Lens
$446.01 CAD
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 90 mm lens Kit
$837.96 CAD
[Very Good] Mamiya C3 w/ sekor c 180mm f/3.5 6x6cm format TLR film camera #0449
$150.01 CAD
Mamiya 7 II 7II Medium Format Rangefinder Camera w/ 80 mm F4L "Excellent" #0964
$3507.27 CAD
【Excellent】Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format Camera MAMIYA SEKOR Z f=150mm 1:3.5
Buy: $797.41 CAD
Mamiya Six 6 Folding Camera w/ Olympus Zuiko 1:3.5 F=7.5cm Lens w/ Case As Is
$155.41 CAD
MAMIYA RZ67 Pro film Camera Body w/120 Film Back From JAPAN [EXCELLENT]
$236.52 CAD
【AB- Exc】 Mamiya 6 MF Medium Format Rangefinder Camera G 75mm f/3.5 L Lens #2470
$1619.16 CAD
Mamiya 6 Medium Format Rangefinder Camera Body
Buy: $1188.01 CAD
NEAR MINT MAMIYA C330 F WITH 2 Lens And Some Extra
Buy: $796.06 CAD
Mamiya 645E Medium Format SLR Film Camera w/80mm f/2.8 Lens
Buy: $473.04 CAD
【C Normal】 Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format w/SEKOR Z 110mm f/2.8 W Lens #2488
$673.07 CAD
[Exc] Mamiya RZ67 Pro w/127mm, Prism Finder, Flash, 120 Film Holder from Japan
$500.07 CAD
[Junk] Mamiya 6 SIX Medium Format Type K2 Free Shipping From Tokyo Japan
$135.14 CAD
Mamiya RZ67 180mm VSF *BRAND NEW*
$270.31 CAD
Mamiya M645 1000S body+PD Prism finder #574 From Japan
$183.51 CAD
**Excellent+++** Mamiya Sekor 55mm F/4.5 for TLR C220 C330 from japan
$243.27 CAD
Mamiya 645 Pro-TL Medium Format SLR Film Camera 55mm F2.8 KIT
$716.32 CAD
Mamiya 6 Six Type IV w/Olympus zuiko F.C F/3.5 75mm [Good] from Japan (88-C59)
$133.8 CAD
Mamiya RZ67 Medium Camera with 110mm  120 Film Back  tube No.2  Polaroid  #0698
$804.17 CAD
[NEAR MINT] Mamiya RB67 PRO + SECOR C 90mm 120mm Lens + from japan #486
$459.39 CAD
Mamiya Sekor 500mm F8 W Lens for RB 67 Series *Excellent+* N3390
$601.44 CAD
Mamiya 645 AFD Medium Format Camera w/ 80mm F2.8 AF Lens & 120/220 Back - Mint
Buy: $1621.85 CAD
[Very Good] Mamiya Sekor 250mm f/4.5 Lens for RB67 Pro, Pro S, SD from Japan
$54.06 CAD
*Exc++* Mamiya C330 Professional Sekor DS 105mm F3.5 Blue-dot lens w/Filter Cap
$468.99 CAD
[Excellent] Mamiya 7 Medium Format camera w/ N 80mm F4 L,Hood from JP (A258)
$2257.09 CAD
MINOX B  &  MAMIYA 16 Subminiature Camera Spy Clean
Buy: $106.1 CAD
Mamiya 120 mm Camera Lot 90MM 65MM 180MM lenses Hood Adapter Flash Manual
$675.78 CAD
MAMIYA-SEKOR C 80mm F1.9 For M645 Pro,Pro TL lens made in Japan
Buy: $405.47 CAD
Mamiya SEKOR C ZOOM 100-200mm F5.2W Medium Format MF RB67 from japan
Buy: $60.81 CAD
@ Ship in 24 Hours @ EXC @ Mamiya C330 6x6 Medium Format TLR Sekor DS 105mm f3.5
$309.51 CAD
USED Mamiya C220 TLR w/55mm f4.5
Buy: $390.6 CAD
Mamiya RB67 Pro S Camera Body w/Prism Finder *215047
$82.05 CAD
Exc+++ Mamiya C33 Professional TLR Camera with Sekor 80 mm 2.8 from Japan 191
$270.3 CAD
Mamiya 6MF Full Set, and all three lenses: 50mm f/4, 75mm f/3.5 & 150mm f/4.5
Buy: $2703.1 CAD
Mamiya Universal Press body, good cond., tested okay.
Buy: $109.48 CAD
Mamiya M645 Pro TL Medium Format Camera Body
Buy: $294.64 CAD
Mamiya 645 AFD II Medium Format Camera w/ 80mm F2.8 AF Lens & 120/220 Back Mint
Buy: $2277.36 CAD
Good Mamiya Sekor 75mm F/5.6 P Lens & Viewfinder for UNIVERSAL PRESS SUPER23
$201.38 CAD
[EXCELLENT+]Mamiya RB67 Pro S / Mamiya-Sekor NB 127mm f/3.8 from Japan(689)
Buy: $310.84 CAD
Mamiya 645AFD Medium Format Camera w/ 80mm f2.8 lens
$801.27 CAD
[Exc+++++] Mamiya RB67 pro S  with 90mm,360mm,120 film back form japan #1032
$539.27 CAD
Mamiya 6 MF Rangefinde CAMERA W/75mm f/3.5 & 150mm f/4.5 LENSES FREE SHIPPING
Buy: $2025.97 CAD
Mamiya Sekor 105mm f3.5 TLR Lens for C220 C330
$50.0 CAD
Mamiya 645 Pro Camera, 80mm f2.8 N, AE Prism Finder FK402 Medium Format/120
$769.03 CAD
MAMIYA 645 PRO Camera Outfit 55mm 80mm 105-210 zoom 2 backs AE PRISM & MORE
$944.73 CAD
【Excellent++】Mamiya Sekor C 80mm F1.9 for M645/Super/Pro/TL from JAPAN #YY053
$473.04 CAD
Mamiya Sekor 500TL Camera with Mamiya Sekor 50mm 1:2 Lens NICE 342-101051
Buy: $32.44 CAD
Mamiya RB67 Pro Medium Format Camera w/Sekor127mm f3.8 #0319
$229.76 CAD
Mamiya Press Super 23 Sekor 100mm f/3.5 6x9 Film Holder w/ Grip, Perspective
$187.87 CAD
Excellent++!! Mamiya RB67 Professional S Body film back from japan
Buy: $229.76 CAD
Excellent+++++ Mamiya M645 Medium format Body w/45mm 80mm 210mm 3Lens from Japan
$323.02 CAD
[Exce+++] Mamiya RB67 Pro Medium Format Film Camera + 127 mm lens Kit From Japan
$471.69 CAD
EXC+++++ Mamiya RB67 Professional Pro Body w/ Sekor 127mm F3.8 from JAPAN #901
$324.36 CAD
Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Medium Format Film Camera with 110 mm lens Kit  Exellent++
$3107.21 CAD
【Exc++++】 NEW MAMIYA 6 Medium Format Film Camera G 75mm F3.5 L From Japan #1562
$1756.88 CAD
Mamiya 7 II Matte Black w/ 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 150mm, 210mm AD-701 Kit [EXC++]#555
$6067.1 CAD
2215#GC Mamiya 645 Pro Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 80mm F2.8 lens VG
$513.59 CAD
$229.75 CAD
Mamiya C220 TLR Film Camera Body                                            #899 <br/> Roberts Camera - Photo Industry Leader since 1957!
Buy: $116.23 CAD
**Excellent++++**  Mamiya Universal Rangefinder Film Camera w/ 100mm f/3.5 Lens
$378.42 CAD
MAMIYA RZ67 Pro film Camera Body w/120 Film Back Free Shipping 172003
$336.54 CAD
Mamiya Six 6 Auto Mat 6x6 Rangefinder Film Camera from Japan No 69192
Buy: $148.66 CAD
2501#GC Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Film Camera w/ K/L 127mm f/3.5 L AS is
$497.37 CAD
Mamiya Universal Medium Format Polaroid Camera, 65mm f/6.3 Lens, Roll Film Back
$351.39 CAD
Mamiya Sekor 65mm f/6.3 W/65mm Finder For Universal,Super 23,Press #0335
$201.38 CAD
Mamiya 645AFD Medium Format Film Camera - 3 Lenses 3 Backs Bellow Manual + Case
Buy: $1921.57 CAD
Mamiya RZ67 Pro 110mm F2.8 Lens 120 Film Back Winder [Good] from Japan (06-N37)
$620.36 CAD
Mamiya RB 360mm f/6.3 Lens for Mamiya RB67
Buy: $120.29 CAD
[NEAR MINT]Mamiya Mamiya-Sekor P 127mm f/4.7 for Mamiya Press,Universal (778)
Buy: $175.69 CAD
[TOP MINT] MAMIYA RZ67 PRO IID BODY Medium Format[from Japan]
$2703.1 CAD