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Wonderful Color! Vintage 1930s Star Feedsack Table Quilt RUNNER 27x18
$42.15 CAD
Antique Indigo Blue & White Fox and Geese Table or Crib QUILT 29x27
$42.15 CAD - 1 bid
Vintage 30s Hummingbird Cottage Table Quilt Runner 29x16
$42.15 CAD
Antique Rich Cheddar Diamond Table Quilt Runner 34x18
$42.15 CAD - 1 bid
Red Green! c 1880s Album Applique QUILT Table Runner Antique 33 x 16
$44.78 CAD
Vtg 1930's Pink Flower Applique Quilt hand quilted Pink Lily
$98.78 CAD - 1 bid
Rare c 1850s ALBUM Applique Antique Red Green Table QUILT Runner 65 x 10
$57.95 CAD
Rare c 1850s ALBUM Applique QUILT Table Red Green 22 x 21 Antique
$36.88 CAD - 1 bid
RARE c 1930s Nursery Rhyme FEEDSACK Juvenile QUILT pc Humpty Dumpty Vintage
$13.16 CAD - 1 bid
Christmas Red! c 1890s Indian Plume 32 x 31 QUILT Table Crib Antique
$44.78 CAD - 1 bid
Red Green! c 1890s Jacobs Ladder TABLE Quilt Doll   21 x 21 Antique
$36.88 CAD
Fabulous Antique Hand Made Quilt
$52.67 CAD
quilt patchwork triangles early cotton small 43x53 in. antique original 1800
Buy: $158.05 CAD
Beautiful Handmade Studio City LA Pink Floral Quilt Bedspread Coverlet 84"X84"
Buy: $111.95 CAD
patchwork quilt fan 68x90 cotton calico quilted blue antique vintage 1920
Buy: $183.08 CAD
STRIKING Vintage All Cotton Hand Pieced & Quilted TRIPLE IRISH CHAIN Quilt; Full
$47.42 CAD - 20 bids
quilt appliqué  floral album type pink green white Civil War Era 1860 original
Buy: $296.35 CAD
quilt patchwork log cabin early brown pink Civil War Era mid 19th c 1800 vg
Buy: $467.57 CAD
Antique Quilt Pre 1900
$79.01 CAD
Antique Welsh Turkey Red Border Patchwork Quilt Bedspread 76" x 64" For Some TLC
Buy: $132.13 CAD
Buy: $263.42 CAD
antique green and white quilt all cotton. great size nice and clean
$125.12 CAD
quilt Tree of Life patchwork 72 x 86 cotton early antique original 1860
Buy: $209.42 CAD
"BARNRAISING" Variation/LOG CABIN Quilt: King 78" x 90", c.1930's, PA. Unused.
$1975.65 CAD
Gift Idea! Patriotic Vintage Pinwheel Star Table QUILT RUNNER 22x11
$55.32 CAD - 6 bids
Farmhouse PA 1930s Floral QUILT Top Vintage Cottage Embroidered
$32.86 CAD
Cottage c 1930s Double Peacock EMBROIDERED Quilt Top Coverlet 84 x 73
$51.47 CAD - 4 bids
quilt patchwork stars tumbling blocks white pink blue antique original very good
Buy: $329.27 CAD
antique handmade quilt in the fan pattern.
$190.98 CAD
Cottage c 1930s Dogwood QUILT Top pc Applique Vintage Needs Finishing
$32.86 CAD - 1 bid
Faux Fabric "CROSSROADS" Quilt, c. 1865-1875, Pennsylvania, 74" x 86", Cottons
$856.11 CAD
Farmhouse PA 1930s Rose Applique VINTAGE Quilt Top Red Green
$32.86 CAD
Amazing Quilting! Antique c1900 Whitework Bridal Wedding QUILT
$520.25 CAD
Antique Quilting Cotton Batts / Combs
$98.78 CAD
Vintage Hand Stitched Quilt Multi-Color Applique Southern Belle Umbrella 70x80
Buy: $196.21 CAD
GORGEOUS Vintage 20's Chambray Pink Cherry Baskets Antique Quilt ~NICE BORDER!
$783.67 CAD
Just Lovely Vintage 30s Light Blue & White Checkerboard QUILT 85" Fresh Country
$296.35 CAD
DAZZLING Vintage 30's Postage Stamp 25 Patch Antique Quilt ~SMALL PIECES!
$889.04 CAD
Antique Double Wedding Ring Quilt
$184.39 CAD
Fanstastic Quilting! c 1930s Ohio Rose APPLIQUE Vintage Quilt Pink
$349.03 CAD
quilt patchwork hand made Irish Chain pink green 76 x 83 Civil War Era 1860
Buy: $248.93 CAD
Vintage 30's Ann Orr Floral Postage Stamp Mosaic Antique Quilt ~GORGEOUS!
$889.04 CAD
Warm Flannel Back "NINE PATCH" Quilt, Ontario, Canadian AMISH; c.1920, 70" x 70"
$987.82 CAD
Farmhouse PA c 1930s GREEN Tree Everlasting VINTAGE Table Quilt Runner 48 x 17
$44.78 CAD
Red & White JACOB'S LADDER Quilt: 76" x 76", c. 1900, Pennsylvania, Cottons.
$1284.17 CAD
OUTSTANDING 1840/50s Album Antique QUILT Brilliant Blue Brown Green 93 x 92
$393.81 CAD
Red And White Quilt 1920s 82x72
$262.1 CAD
Antique Hand Stitched Embroidery Figural Girl Child Baby Quilt Pink 50" x 40"
$65.85 CAD
Vintage 1890's Miniature Nine Patch Antique Crib Quilt ~1" Postage Stamp Pieces!
$493.91 CAD
Fabric Historians! c 1830-40s Delectable Mountains ANTIQUE Quilt ~ 30 photos
$1047.09 CAD
$362.2 CAD
4 Sweet c 1930s Sue Bonnet QUILT pcs Applique Juvenile Print PINK Yellow
$13.16 CAD
Vintage 30's Dusty Rose/Pink Nine Patch Postage Stamp Antique Crib Quilt ~NICE!
$625.62 CAD
Antique Handmade Pinwheel Quilt Bed Cover Blanket 81.5x104
$480.74 CAD
Cottage c 1930s Feathered Star TABLE Quilt Doll   18 x 18 1/2 PINK Vintage
$36.88 CAD
Antique QUILT Dated 1905 Hand Stitched Broken Dishes Turkey Red Chintz Fabrics
Buy: $256.83 CAD
Antique Whole Cloth Quilt Hand Made Victorian Paisley Unwashed Very Nice!
$453.08 CAD
Fabulous Applique PANSIES Vintage Pansy QUILT 90x77
$651.96 CAD
Cottage c 1930s BLUE Bird Basket VINTAGE   Table Doll QUILT 21 x 21 3/4
$42.15 CAD
$1047.09 CAD
Pre-Civil War Quilt 1820-1840 77”x74”
$987.82 CAD
Farmhouse Red! c 1890s Goose in The Pond ANTIQUE Table Quilt Runner 40 x 14
$36.88 CAD
antique quilt and in great shape hand stitched full size
Buy: $197.56 CAD
Fine Quilting! c 30s Yellow Chain VINTAGE Table Quilt Runner 37 x 22 Cottage
$36.88 CAD
Beautiful Quality Hand Made antique quilt, approx late 19th Century
Buy: $197.55 CAD
Antique Vintage AMAZING QUILTING Vtg All White Bridal Quilt Wedding Quilt
Buy: $362.2 CAD
Antique White Work Quilt Hand Made Pennsylvania Bride's
$190.98 CAD
Feedsack fun! c 1930s Sunflower Applique QUILT Vintage FARMHOUSE Pennsylvania
$262.1 CAD
Antique Log Cabin Quilt c1875 70”x83” Excellent Fabric Study/Collectible Conditn
Buy: $724.4 CAD
CLASSIC Vintage 30's Double Wedding Ring Antique Quilt ~BEAUTIFUL FABRICS!
$164.64 CAD
Vintage/Antique Hand Stitched Crazy Quilt Comfort Flannel Edging/Backing 76"x82"
$85.61 CAD
Vintage Patchwork 74x67 Handmade Handstitching hand Quilted Quilt Blanket
$111.93 CAD
LARGE Vintage 30's Double Wedding Ring Antique Quilt ~GREAT QUILTING!
$783.67 CAD
UNUSED Vintage American GORGEOUS Patchwork Block Crazy QUILT TOP Size 90" x 72"
$157.99 CAD
quilt patchwork brown pink 9 patch Civil War Era vintage 1860 antique original
Buy: $235.76 CAD
Farmhouse Blue c 1930s Homespun Patch VINTAGE 34 x 17 Table Quilt Runner
$36.88 CAD
VTG Early Century Patchwork Quilt 100% cotton Hand Stitched red  white Color
$163.32 CAD
Cottage Pink c 1930s Checkerboard VINTAGE Table Quilt Runner 29 x 15
$36.88 CAD
Antique Rose of Sharon Variation Quilt c1855 75”x 84”
Buy: $915.38 CAD
Antique Vintage Quilt  Wedding Ring  Hand Sewn Approx 82x73.
$164.64 CAD
Buy: $118.54 CAD
UNUSED Vintage American Hand Sewn Patchwork Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt TOP
$131.64 CAD
Antique Tulip Quilt with Rustic Natural Colors, all hand sewn and quilted
$52.67 CAD
Antique Crazy Quilt with 1884 Presidential Ribbon for A.S.G. Blaine & John Logan
$174.52 CAD - 2 bids
Vine Appliqué Quilt 1920s 88x81
$525.52 CAD
VTG Quilt Antique Cotton Feedsack Indigo Blue Cinnamon Pink Nine Patch 76"x82"
$131.7 CAD
Antique Pieced QUILT, Triangles, Multi-Color, 82"x70", Hand-Quilted,Worn
$39.5 CAD
Antique  'Star of the East' Quilt, Blue,Pink, & Yellow, Cheerful Quilt #17991
$262.1 CAD
Antique Primitive Hand Stitch & Quilted Patchwork Full Quilt Cadet Blue Calico
Buy: $105.35 CAD
Antique Hand Stitched Kaleidoscope Quilt *
$144.88 CAD
Antique Farm Crazy Quilt Hand-tied Amazing variety fabrics Twin Good CD
$55.65 CAD
Antique French Pique Provencal quilt c1810 Indigo resist paisley hand block old
$190.98 CAD
Star Spangled! c 1900 Patriotic ANTIQUE Quilt Red White Blue
$393.81 CAD
Christmas Colors! Early Antique c1860 Red White & Green Arrows QUILT 77x65
$296.35 CAD
Antique Quilt : Wool: Queen Size 1900's
Buy: $105.37 CAD
HAND STITCHED Vintage 1920 to 1930 Green & White Drunkard's Path Antique Quilt
Buy: $243.66 CAD
Antique VTG Hand Tied Quilt White Blue Red Twin? 80"x42" Pastel Backing
Buy: $59.27 CAD
Farmhouse Blues! Vintage One Patch Table Quilt RUNNER 29x11
$42.15 CAD
Buy: $263.42 CAD
Aarong Quilt -Throw Large Museum Quality Stunning Hand Embroidery 86 x 83 inches
Buy: $381.15 CAD